MAC Viva Glam Lipsticks

We recently took a look at MAC’s Viva Glam VI Special Edition lipstick and gloss, which prompted some questions about the other Viva Glam lipsticks.

The first Viva Glam lipstick was introduced in 1994, with drag queen Ru Paul was its spokesperson. Since then, seven more shades have been released, with a variety of celebrity advocates. Viva Glam VI Special Edition is the only limited edition shade.

All Viva Glam lipsticks are $14; click here to shop online.
Viva Glam lipsticks are one of the most visible components of MAC’s commitment to fight HIV/AIDS worldwide. Every cent of the selling price of the Viva Glam products goes to the MAC AIDS fund, which gives grants to charitable organizations around the world (food banks, support centers, awareness programs, and more).

How much can lipstick do? So far, MAC has donated $135 million. In fact, they are the largest non-pharmaceutical giver to this cause, which I find pretty moving.

Click here to learn more about the MAC AIDS Fund.

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7 Responses to “MAC Viva Glam Lipsticks”

  • Proximity says:

    >Does that mean I can justify buying “Satin”? I think so!
    Pretty colors, great cause, thank you :)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >I think it does! That’s actually Viva Glam II (Satin is the lipstick formula). :)

  • yummy411 says:

    >one of my fave mac purchases was the VG lip compact. they come out with versions every year, but they had a six colors in one palette (since it seems they have broken them down into separate palettes)

    great post (per usual)! i still have yet to try the special edition lipstick.

  • chickadee1066 says:

    >Great post! I think I am buying the VI SE version tonight, actually, along with one or two Dazzleglasses :)

  • Joey says:

    >I really need to get VGII and VGIII. They’ve been calling to me for years and I’ve yet to cave. Damn your arm, Karla! *shakes fist*

  • TaLaisa says:

    >I adore your swatch work! (even if it has gotten me into trouble once or twice before). I think I should go check out V and VI se. Those are gorgeous colors!

    I have the VI lipglass and it is really pretty.

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