Nude Skincare

I have a few favorite Sephora sales associates, and there’s one in particular who always tells me what’s new and great in her store (she tipped me off to the Cargo Essential Eye Palettes).

So when she was all excited about Nude Skincare’s arrival, I got curious, though I hadn’t heard of the brand before. The more I learned about them, the more I wanted to know.

Nude is an English, natural/eco-friendly, luxury skincare line, founded by Bryan Meehan (co-founder of an organic supermarket in the U.K. called Fresh and Wild). Nude’s goal is to get you saying “that’s a great product,” not “that’s a great product — for a natural product.”

I like that they’re supporting their beliefs on every front: they use fair-trade or community-trade ingredients; they don’t test on animals; they’re carbon-neutral; and the packaging is recyclable (you can return empty packaging to any counter, or their website lists addresses in various countries where you can send your packaging to be recycled — in the U.K., it’s free to send).

Ultimately, Nude is about “the natural” — their products don’t contain parabens, sulfates, PEGs, propylene glycol, TEA, DEA, phthalates, mineral oil, silicones, or GMO. Their space-age-looking packaging is supposedly airless, eliminating the need for preservatives.

So far I’ve tried their Cleansing Oil and Night Oil. The Cleansing Facial Oil ($52, 6.8 oz.) is a nice, heavy oil (not too viscous) that rinsed off cleanly. I was pleased with its efficacy; I didn’t need to take a second pass at my mascara with a remover-soaked-cotton-ball. The Cleaning Oil has a scent, but I can’t pinpoint what it is.

The Replenishing Night Oil ($78, 15 ml) is a weird experience; I can’t apply it without thinking “I’m rubbing oil on my face.” As you may remember, I have slightly dry cheeks and a moderately oily T. The first day, I applied the Night Oil everywhere — I regretted it. My forehead looked and felt really oily in the morning. The application method I established through trial and error was that one pump into the palm of my hand was sufficient for everything-but-the-T. One pump will absorb fairly quickly; two pumps starts to feel oily. The website says the Night Oil is fragranced with Tahitian vanilla oil and regenerating rose absolute — to me it smells like a knick-knack shop.

Nude Skincare is available at some physical Sephora locations and at Nude’s website has an automated consultation survey, though I also wrote to them explaining my skin concerns and they replied pretty quickly with their recommendations.

If natural and “environmentally aware” is something you look for, Nude is definitely a brand you’ll like.

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6 Responses to “Nude Skincare”

  • Pixie says:

    >That sounds pretty awesome! I hadn’t heard of that brand before.

  • jojoba says:

    >never heard of this brand. very interesting.

  • The Lush List says:

    >This is actually kind of a comment on an earlier post, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting updates about shopping events in dallas… I live in Colleyville (smack in the middle of DFW…ish) and knowing what’s going on in the city makes me feel a bit more connected.
    Where is your favorite Sephora? I like to go to different ones as the set ups are different and they carry more or less of certain lines. Also I get nervy when the Sephora associates start to recognize me!

  • dana says:

    >I think the scent of some of the items is like stargazer lilies. Not my favorite floral but I love the products. carries Nude too.

  • queenofwands says:

    >I looove Nude’s Cleansing Oil (I even like the smell), I just wish it weren’t so expensive!

    I found a list of ingredients, and I’m going to try my hand as making my own.

    Thanks for the review!

  • Food, she thought. says:

    >I am so excited to try this! I wonder if they make trial sizes like Juice Beauty.

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