Stila Eyeshadow, Part 3

Moment of honesty: I can’t remember anything without pictures. I started posting about Stila eyeshadows a while ago, but I let myself get interrupted by waves of seasonal collections. And now when I want to look up some Stila eyeshadow, it’s always one of the not-yet-published ones. Time to finish posting about these! (I’ll finish with a recap post that puts all the swatches in one place.)

Stila eyeshadows are fantastically soft, and today’s shades are some of the brand’s most pigmented (and best loved) shades. Poise is plum; Pigalle is a red-purple, like plush velvet theater seats. Golightly (originally named Holly Golightly, but changed for copyright issues) is golden brown. La Douce (named for Irma La Douce) is golden olive. Wheat is golden — a lot like wheat, actually. Diamond Lil is pewter, click here to compare it to MAC’s Smoke and Diamonds. Shore is a starry, shimmery grey that looks like it might pull blue. Storm is a soft black, or grey-black.

Stila eyeshadows are $18 each and are sold as loose pans. A magnetic aluminum pot will cost you another $2; a four-pan compact is $16. is a the best place I know to buy Stila at a bargain, and while you won’t find too many of the current eyeshadow shades there, you can get empty palettes, seasonal items, sets, and older shades at a real steal.
Stila, swatches, Poise, Pigalle, Golightly, La Douce, Wheat, Diamond Lil, Shore, StormStila Eyeshadow: Poise, Pigalle, Golightly, Go Lightly, Holly Golightly, La Douce, Ladouce, Irma La Douce, Wheat, Diamond Lil, Shore, Storm

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5 Responses to “Stila Eyeshadow, Part 3”

  • Julie says:

    >I love your website and all the swatches that you do! It’s great to see so many collections and colors swatched before I purchase them. Sadly, I’ve heard it rumored that Stila is going bankrupt. Their website has been down for days now. I’m not sure if the rumor is true, but I’ve heard it a number of times. Keep up with your fantastic blog!!

  • Liz W says:

    >I love Stila shadows. Cloud is one of my favorite shadows. I “transplanted” it into one of my MAC palette pans so it would fit into my MAC palette. I’m sad if Stila goes bankrupt. I better get Shore before it does.

  • Amina says:

    >I looove stila eyeshadows! You swatched some of my favorites :)

  • Roxy says:

    >Just a little FYI … Pigalle makes a gorgeous eyeliner when applied wet on green-eyed gals. Really makes your color pop!

  • We heart Pigalle and Shore + Cloud and Espresso which we have over here in the UK.

    Jayne xx

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