Stila Eyeshadow, Part 5

Today we wrap up the Stila eyeshadow shades available in a brick-and-mortar Sephora (you’ll find a few more shades at or at, if/when it comes back online. You’ll also find older shades at discount prices at

These shades are Stila’s matte eyeshadows (sometimes called mineral matte), and in general, the textures are not as nice as the regular shadows or “eye bases.” They feel dusty, not soft like the others. The names might seem a bit unusual — they’re almost all cities or mountains in South America and southeast Asia.

Chichina is foxy orange brown; Champara is light brown. Tolima and Illimani feel slightly less dusty than the others — Tolima is medium brown, Illimani is red earth. Kamet is a very soft purple grey. Kalahoo is medium warm grey. Nanda Devi is dark cool brown. Batura is purple and not very well pigmented; Sajama is similarly pigmented and blue. Makalu is black (and needs no explanation).

Stila eyeshadows are $18 each and are sold as loose pans. A magnetic aluminum pot to keep it in is $2.
Stila, swatches, Chichina, Champara, Tolima, Illimani, Kamet, Kalahoo, Nanda Devi
Stila, swatches, Batura, Sajama, Nanda Devi, MakaluStila eyeshadow: Chichina, Champara, Tolima, Illimani, Kamet, Kalahoo, Nanda Devi, Batura, Sajama, Makalu

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3 Responses to “Stila Eyeshadow, Part 5”

  • Carly says:

    Can I ask what kind of brush you used to apply these? I have a cheapy one that pretty much just makes a mess and doesn’t make my Stila shadow go on well AT ALL. Pro brushes can be expensive but if they work as well as what you used I’d be willing to invest in one. Thanks!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Hi Carly. I use sponge-tipped applicators to make my eyeshadow swatches.

    What don’t you like about your current brushes? Do they not pick up enough pigment? Are they scratchy?

    For a great (and cheap) eyeshadow brush set, I really love the Ecotools 6-piece set:

  • Carly says:

    Yes, scratchy is a good word. They don’t pick up enough pigment either- I’m having to swipe them across my shadow a lot to get enough. And they turn my shadow sort of dusty, more shadow winds up under my eyes then on my lids. I’ve seen the Ecotools before, I was curious about them and now I think I might give them a try. I’ve also looked at Stila brushes but the are on the pricey side and I’m wary about spending that much on something without knowing if it’ll work.

    Thanks so much for your help, I love your site!

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