You Cannot Live on Makeup Alone (a TNBTTGSY giveaway)

Heresy, you say? Well readers, unless you’re Lady Godiva, you’re going to need some clothes to go with that makeup.

Today is my birthday, and thanks to designer clothing e-tailer, one of you will get the present.

Chickdowntown has very graciously donated this delightfully springy Tolani scarf (retail value: $85). It’s 9″ x 72″, vicose, with a hand-knotted fringe. I’m excited on your behalf.

If you can’t stand the suspense of waiting, entertain yourself (as I did… for several hours) by browsing Chickdowntown’s selection of clothes and shoes from Theory, Diane Von Furstenberg, MCQ Alexander McQueen clothing, and Tolani scarves.

How to Enter
To enter this contest, leave a comment on this post telling me (1) your first name and last initial, (2) a way to contact you (email, Facebook, Twitter, anything!), (3) What makeup would you wear with your new scarf? Photo submissions will also be accepted.

Leave your comment before 8:00 p.m. CDT on Wednesday, April 22. (I heard you, west coast folks!)

I’m very sorry to say that this contest is only open to the U.S. Foreign friends, one day I will do a contest for you only.

A winner will be randomly selected from all valid entries, and notified no later than Friday, April 24. That winner will also be announced here Monday, April 27. Winners will also be required to provide a full name and mailing address. Duplicate entries will be made fun of, and only the first entry will count. Good luck!

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63 Responses to “You Cannot Live on Makeup Alone (a TNBTTGSY giveaway)”

  • Huai-Ann says:

    >My name is Huai-Ann T. You can contact me on Facebook or you can email me at I would be tempted to wear some of my vibrant MAC eyeshadow, but I think it would clash with the scarf. I would probably wear my favorite Lancome (GWP) eyeshadow quad which has Visionary & Snap in it. Thanks!

  • fatbottmdgrl says:

    >Hey Karla!!!
    Janine F.
    You can contact me @

    I think the Stila Kitten palette from last summer would work beautifully with this scarf.

    It’s gorgeous!

  • beautygal says:

    >Hi Karla,

    First things first – Happy Birthday! and thank you for such a wonderful blog! You are on my favorites that I check every morning. I hope you have a great day and a blessed year.

    Name: Katherine L.
    Makeup with scarf:

    Eyes: I would start with the LORAC Starry Eyed Baked Trio in Superstar for a shimmery bronzy eye. Then I'd bring out the teals in the scarf by using UD 24/7 pencil in Flipside. I'd do a corally blush – the new Bobbi Brown in Pink Coral and finish off with a bright coral lip – Clarins l/s in Hawaiian Coral topped with R & R lipgloss in Drama Queen.

    Wish me luck!!! Hope I'm picked. This scarf would go with so much of my wardrobe :)

  • Sara says:

    >Hi Karla!

    Happy Birthday!:)

    you can reach me at

    I would wear some of the new MAC rose romance collection eyeshadows with this scarf to bring out the spring pink/purple colors. I would use a light pink gloss, probably one of my new dazzleglasses with it in Baby Sparks. Thanks for the chance to win! I think it is a beautiful prize!

  • Sara says:

    >whoops! on the above entry my name is Sara B. email

    I got so excited I forgot! Thanks!:)

  • annie says:

    >Annie L.

    I can be reached at and I would wear that scarf with my favorite hot, red lips!

  • Kitty says:

    >Happy birthday! :)

    I’d wear it with MAC Parrot and Satin Taupe and Stila Barefoot Contessa on the lids, lined with MAC Blacktrack. On cheeks I’d wear peachy blush like Nars Penny Lane cream, and om lips Clinique Buttershine in Poppy Love or another neutral sheer lip colour similar to it.

    Not leaving other details because I’m not entering the comp, just commenting. :D

  • Krasey Beauty says:

    >First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! That is the most important thing, that you have a rocking day!

    My name is Adina Z and my email is

    I would rock a summer coral eye with purple in the crease in a heartbeat! Gotta have a fun poppy look to match such a fun scarf!

  • rit says:

    >Happy birthday! contests are fun!

    Rita P and you can catch me at shenmeshang at hotmail dot com.

    makeup-wise probably something very neutral, big lashes, bronzed cheeks. Maybe a hint of springy green at the lashline to pick the color from the scarf.

  • EMC says:

    >Happy Birthday!


    Love the scarf! Beautiful with a pink lip. Maybe Pixel Pink if I owned a tube (so hard to find). And a spritz of Jasmine perfume!

  • Megan says:

    >Happy Happy Birthday!
    Megan M

    I would wear that scarf with Bobby Brown’s shimmer brick in pink to make my cheeks look rosy :)

  • Jennifer says:

    >Hi! Happy Birthday!!

    I am Jennifer J, and can be reached at This scarf is stunning – I would pair it with my standby blush, Nars O, and coral lips.

    Thanks for offering the contest!

  • egh says:

    >Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Eunice H.

    I would wear this scarf with a smoked out teal eye look and nudy cheeks and lips!

  • Chelsea says:

    >Happy Birthday Karla!!!! Sending you a birthday cake here:
    - annietwinkletoes from mua

  • Kristina says:

    >Happy birthday, Karla! What a beautiful scarf :)

    I’m Kristina B., and you can reach me at

    The thing that stands out most to me about the scarf is its light blue/green/lavender accents, so I think I’d want to highlight those in my eye makeup look. I once did an EOTD with the UD Book of Shadows using… err, I think it was Shattered, Absinthe, Mayhem, and Goddess. Here’s a picture:

    I went pretty heavy on the eyeshadow, though, and with this scarf, I’d really like to incorporate Flipside e/l… so I think I’d apply the shadows more sheerly so that bright teal would really stand out. Fun! :)

  • kkkkatie says:

    >Happy birthday! My name is Katie X, you can reach me at Or comment on my blog at

    I love the colors in this scarf. I think it can work great for both summer and spring. Since it’s so colorful, I wouldn’t wear any bright colors with it, for fears that it might clash. I would most likely rock a shimmery neutral eye with it. I’m thinking .. my Stila for Bebe neutral palette.

  • Breanna says:

    >Name: Breanna A.

    I don’t think I would wear much MU with the scarf because I’m afraid it would clash.

    I would probably just wear BB’s Black Mauve ink (So it has some color but not enough to compete, a lengthening mascasra for again, a more dramatic, but not overpowering eye, and a neutral and sophisticated blush (I’m thinking Chanel JC in caprice).
    I have some freckles and I think scarves and freckles are both cute, so I probably wouldn’t wear much if any foundation (if that explanation makes any sense).

  • xfoxglove says:

    >Hi Karla! I love your blog. My name is Rachel H and you can contact me at I would probably wear tinted moisturizer, MAC MSF in glissade and Amberlights e/s. :)

  • Carrie says:

    >Hi Karla! My name is Carrie and you can contact me at I would wear a rose pink eye shadow, probably stila from sephora, and my clinique pink lipgloss that has a gold tint.

  • LipstickChick says:

    >Happy Birthday, Karla! April babies are just the sweetest, though, aren’t they? (And I’m not just saying that because my Emma just turned 5 on Monday lol ;-) )

    Christine S. (or via FB)

    Hmmm, what makeup … well, I’m a neutrals kind of gal, and because the scarf is so colorful on its own, I wouldn’t want to take away from it, so I’d most likely stick to my beloved browns, with maybe a shot of color in my liner.

    Maybe my new EA summer bronze palette (browns + subdued teal)?

    All the best,
    Christine a/k/a LipstikChick

  • tmlkearns says:

    >Name: Tanya K.
    Makeup: I would wear minimal, neutral makeup, because this scarf can stand alone!… and because I always do =)

  • makeupmag says:

    >Happy Birthday! I hope that you’re spoilt with makeup goodness. :D

    Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this blog.

  • Catherine says:

    >Happy Birthday, Karla!

    That’s a very, very pretty scarf. :D

    My name is Catherine S., you can reach me through blogger:, and I would wear this pretty scarf with a gold eye, with subtle teal accent, and bronze lips.

  • maigrey says:

    >Hi Karla!

    I’m Heather N, and you can reach me via my blog at

    I think the new Laura Mercier Bohemia eye quad would go fantastic with this!

  • aaj83 says:

    >my name is Aisha A.

    you can contact me on my email:

    aisharulz [at] yahoo [dot] com

    and the makeup i would wear with this scarf would be a reeally natural one..with pink flushed cheeks…and a light neutral eyeshadow on my lids..and mascara..with a pink pretty gloss…

    i want to keep the look natural and fresh so it can go along with the pretty colorful scarf…

  • sumin says:

    I’m Sumin L. and you can email me at

    I’d wear a neutral smoky eye to let that gorgeous scarf shine! Also would have just a very slight blush in my natural flush color and simple lip gloss.

    Thanks so much for hosting a contest like this, and all the hard work/swatching you do at this blog!

  • styrch says:

    >Happy Birthday! I hope you get your birthday wish :)

    My name is Sarah T.
    You can reach me on my blog (, MUA as “Styrch” or twitter as “Styrch”.

    I would probably use a look very similar to this one I did a little while ago:

  • Sarah says:

    >Dear Karla,

    Happy Birthday! How nice of you to do a giveaway on your special day. That is a beautiful scarf! I love your blog swatches and visit everyday, your site is so helpful!

    Here’s my info.:
    Sarah Anne T.

    The makeup I would wear with my new scarf *fingers crossed* :p is Guerlains new mineral eye shadow in Holy Smoke and a lot of the shades in Josie Marans Wildflower palette (blushes) and Lancomes new Juicy Tube PURE in Strawberry Patch. I think the all the colors in the scarf would really compliment those makeup shades.

    Happy Birthday again and good luck to all. :)

    Sarah Anne

  • Kaitlin says:

    >Great contest and beautiful scarf!!!!!

    Name: Kaitlin K.
    Makeup: definitely keeping it simple with such a super-fab scarf: all that glitters on the lid, with woodwinked in the outer v; and some humid on my lower lid for a little pop o' color. and my mascara of course and maybe some purple tightlining. <333

  • ashley says:

    >Jisun K.
    I’m not the type of girl that would wear bright colors, so maybe Kitten by Stila on the lid and MAC Cork in the crease, and maybe red lips! :)

  • Victoria says:

    >Victoria S
    victoriasalt at gmail dot com
    So pretty! I’d break out my LE Pixel Pink lipstick for that.

  • miss fred says:

    >Hey KarlaSugar!

    I’m Jaya S, you can contact me by leaving a comment at my blog, which is

    Oh, and as for makeup…I’m all about the neutrals so I’d probably do a smoky gold/brown eye because it would go with the fun and funky boho style of the scarf but still let the scarf’s colours shine!

  • Lynn says:

    >Lynn W

    so many beautiful colors in the scarf,so think I’d do a neutral look so not to compete with it. I am thinking,for the eyes, one of the Cargo Essential Palettes would be perfect and pair it with peachy-pink blush and lips.

  • eternalstarangel on MUA says:

    >Wow..that scarf is nice! I’d keep the eyes neutral with black liner and mascara. peach or peachy pink cheeks and tiger lily stickgloss.

    Name: Caroline L

  • meredith says:

    >Hey Karla,
    Happy Birthday my dear. That scarf is so great. I adore scarves, especially to give myself some character when I’m wearing a black suit. Do you know you have the only blog I actually read regularly?

    The colors are so beautiful I wouldn’t want to upstage it with my makeup. I think I’d do a wash of BB champagne quartz metallic e/s. One of my faves and a tad more subtle than kitten. I’d use my CdeP mahogany brown cream e/l and Chanel Inmitible mascara in black. I would use my go-to CdeP blush in #3, very subtle clear pink, and on my lips I think I’d go for CdeP silky lipstick in 116–a shimmery,sheer mauve. After moving away from CdeP mu for several years, I am now hooked again! I think you would have a ball doing CdeP l/s swatches (hint, hint)!
    Meredith P.
    you can MUA-mail me, I’m mers.

  • The Lush List says:

    >Lauren M
    Probably one of the Indian-inspired collections for Spring/Summer, like Sephora’s (okay, that was Moroccan-inspired) or Stila’s. This would pull the colors from the scarf and look all-around vibrant!

  • MC says:

    >Minzi T.

    smokey olive / bronzey eye with light coral cheeks / lips.

    MAC Green smoke with some Antiqued. KA tansoleil cream blush and probably a self concocted lip look..FLIRT ! plushious lip color and maybe some MAC OH BABY ! mixed in !!

  • megstar420 says:

    >Hey Karla, Happy Birthdy! Hope it’s a great one!
    Name: Meghann C.
    Look: sparkley nude eye with a lil pop of BE Azure along the outer 1/2 of lash line.

  • w-inds.girl says:

    >Happy bday Karla! Jerlene T. Email is

    and i’d probably do a very neutral face, because the scarf is so colorful! I’d probably do pretty MLBB eyes, and rosy lips and cheeks. probably mac shroom, and bb pink raspberry pot rouge for lips and cheeks, topped with some clear gloss for lips. and tons of mascara, and a bit of pretty liner (BB black mauve!) and i tihnk that would do the trick :)

  • Crystal says:

    >Love your blog, Karla! Happy Birthday!
    My name is Crystal E.
    You can email me at
    I would wear Stila illuminating finishing powder in bronze, applied very lightly for a nice subtle glow. For eyes, Stila baked eyeshadow trio in gold, or maybe Stila Mystic used as an eyeliner with the gold from the trio over the lid. Then some mascara, and a nude lipgloss.

  • haley says:

    >Hi Karla, happy belated birthday!

    My name is Haley, and you can contact me at (or via the email address that’s linked to my profile). If I were to win the luscious and gorgeous scarf from this giveaway, I would deck myself out in MAC’s blue peep fluidline, warming trend es in the crease, rose blanc on the lid and rite of spring as the hilight. I would also wear blushbaby blush and pink karat lipgloss.

  • Rachel says:

    >Hey Karla!
    Happy belated birthday!

    My name is Rachel P and you can find me at

    I absolutely love, love, love Tolani scarves and I am dying to get my hands on one!! The colors of this scarf are soo fun and springy, I’d use some of those same colors with my makeup. I think a shimmery light purple on the lid with some pink and darker purple blended into the lid crease…I’d top it off with a light creamy baby pink blush and a sheer pink lipgloss– very fresh faced and pretty!!
    Pick me! Pick me!!

  • sunchicka says:

    >Naomi P is here to say,
    Chanel exceptionel mascara makes my day,
    With a hint of Mac Lipglass and I’m good to go,

    Throw in this scarf and you’d never know,

    That I’m not a morning person that’s for me to know.


  • Dana says:

    >I would wear stila lillium, wet and wild tinted moisturizer (its cheap and awesome) convertible color, mac shroom eyeshadow, mac teddy eyeliner,and mac msf in perfect topping as a highlighter. Kind of a peachy look for spring. It’s weird that I knew those colors off the top of my head…maybe I should start buying different things lol!
    Dana K

  • lalagirl says:

    >My name is Rachel F.
    email addy-
    I’d wear Dior Incognito quint with liquid liner and bright rosey blush and lip.

  • Hanan says:

    >Hi Karla,
    my name is hanan k
    I would wear a bronzed look using the new baked palette by urban decay

  • cleomarie says:


    My name is Lisette L. You can email me at I would wear a sheer peachy lip with bronze cheeks and eyes :)

  • Katie says:

    >hi, my name is katie h. and my email is khargraves (@)

    For makeup, I would wear Nars turkish delight lip gloss and Mac satin taupe/shroom eyeshadow

  • verybecca says:

    >Hiya!!!!!! It’s Becca Z. I’d wear my Smashbox Shockwave palette because it has blue and green and brown zigzags just like the scarf, plus a coral blush! Love that palette!

  • Mehendi Girl says:

    >Kayvid: Hi! This is Kayvid. My Email id is
    A shimmery blue eyeshadow blended from a light blue to cobalt would be awesome with this. Thanks!

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