MAC Dazzleglass

The Double Dazzle collection hit counters on April 30, but since most of the shades are permanent, I think we can still talk about them.

Dazzleglasses are MAC’s sparkliest lipglosses. They first appeared in May of 2008, in a collection called Dazzleglass, then had a cameo in 2008′s Red She Said holiday collection. They’re $18 each and have brush wands (and the classic MAC vanilla scent).

I’ve heard a few people comparing the Dazzleglasses to Chanel’s most recent crop of “celestial” glossimers; I think the comparison is misplaced. The Dazzleglasses are mostly sheer, and as we saw yesterday, those glossimers have really pigmented bases — they feel to me like pretty different products.

Readers, what do you think? Does anyone own both and care to comment?
MAC, Dazzleglass, swatches, Goldyrocks, Smile, Extra Amps, Moth to a Flame, Girl's Delight, Sugarrimmed, Steppin' Out, Utterly Posh, Love AlertMAC, Dazzleglass, swatches, Date Night, Funtabulous, Like Venus, Stop! Look!, Money Honey, Rags to Riches, Baby Sparks, Bare Necessity, Get Rich Quick
Goldyrocks – super sheer yellow with gold and pink sparkles
Smile – orange-peach with pink and silver sparkles
Extra Amps – cool pink with pink, blue, and silver sparkles
Moth to a Flame – sheer tan with blue and silver sparkles
Girl’s Delight – orangey-brown with silver sparkles
Sugarrimmed – clear with blue and pink sparkles
Steppin’ Out – pink with pink and silver sparkles
Utterly Posh – strawberry-orange with pink and orange sparkles (limited edition)
Love Alert – magenta pink with pink sparkles
Date Night – plum with blue sparkles
Funtabulous – cool, cool pink with blue sparkles
Like Venus – clear with pink sparkles
Stop! Look! – very sheer cool pink with blue and silver sparkles (limited edition)
Money Honey – sheer pink with pink sparkles (super sparkly)
Rags to Riches – very light pink with crazy pink and blue iridescent sparkles
Baby Sparks – light warm pink with blue sparkles
Bare Necessity – almost clear, with a hint of peach-pink, with pink sparkles
Get Rich Quick – warm toffee brown with pink sparkles

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10 Responses to “MAC Dazzleglass”

  • Huai-Ann says:

    >I’ve only tried a couple of the Dazzleglasses and I haven’t purchased any of them because I quite honestly don’t see what all the fuss is about. I don’t think they’re any better than the lipglasses and they might even be slightly worse in my eyes. My main complaint would be the watery texture, I guess. Maybe I’m crazy, but for now I won’t be getting any.

  • tina_mbc says:

    >Very helpful – thanx for posting this!

  • TaLaisa says:

    >I think the only things they have in common with the glossimers are 1. they’re lipgloss 2. they’re sparkly and that’s where it ends.

    I hate to say it out loud for fear of upsetting the glitter gods, I don’t like sparkly lips. But I did buy Smile, to use in very small quantities of some sheer lipcolors.

  • Roxy says:

    >You’re right. I didn’t realize the Dazzleglasses were so sheer in comparison. It’s a nice contrast, though, especially for summer. Date Night is my fave.


  • smiley13tree says:

    >They definitely are all quite sheer, but I love Chanel Glossimers for the color!

  • Sabrina says:

    >I have both the Dazzleglasses and new Celestial Glossimers.

    Overall, I prefer Chanel, but these new glossimers aren’t my favorite product. They seem a bit too glittery and not glossy enough for my taste.

    A lot of the MAC shades were too glittery for me too (like Money, Honey and Rags to Riches). But I did love some of the sheerer ones.

    So in this case, the dazzleglasses win for me.

    Great swatches!

  • Beautopia says:

    >they’re more similar to the Galaxy collection of glossimer in terms of sparkle. but even so glossimers are so much better than Dazzleglasses in my opinion.

  • S. Vanessa Hailey says:

    >Woman you will need longer arms soon.

    Great swatches!

  • Pixie says:

    >They look so beautiful!

  • Impness says:

    >I’d never been very interested in MAC lipglosses as I have a million ones that are much cheaper and fine for my day to day wear.

    Then I was convinced by one of the SAs to try babysparks. What can I say? I was sold. I tried a lot of the other pink dazzleglasses – Like venus, Sugarrrimed.. but I kept coming back to babysparks.

    I love the fact that they all look shiny and wet without being sticky at all and that they have a brush applicator so if you’re wearing a sheer lipstick, it doesn’t wipe the previous colour off when putting on the product.

    I can understand why they’re not to everyone’s taste as they are very sparkly, but for a night out or a date, these would be divine.

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