MAC Pigments, Part 2

At any given time, MAC’s website probably has maybe 20 permanent pigment shades available. There are maybe another 40 pro shades (these generally have color names, like “Kelly Green.” They’re sold in MAC Pro stores, by calling 1-800-387-6707, and online at — this last option is only available to card-holding professionals). MAC has also released a huge number of limited edition pigments with various collections, and the short run of these shades has made them extremely popular (and given them a long resale life on ebay).

Because people so often rave about these discontinued shades (and because they can be hard to find), it’s nice to know which ones look like which.
MAC, pigment, swatches, Gold Mode, Dazzleray, Jardin Aires, Deckchair, Melon, Goldenaire, Tan, Gold StrokeGold Mode (a limited edition shade originally released with Rushmetal in July 2007) is a super sparkly, metallic tan-gold or champagne color.

Dazzleray (a limited edition shade originally released with She Shines in June 2006) is similar to Gold Mode, but a little peachier, a little more yellow-orange.

Jardin Aires (a limited edition shade originally released with Strange Hybrid in May 2007) is a sparkly tan-peach-gold, slightly lighter / brighter / more champagney than Dazzleray.

Deckchair (a limited edition shade originally released with D’Bohemia in May 2005) is a metallic frosty pink beige.

Melon (a permanent shade) is a super sparkly duochrome yellow-orange� like a sunset for your lids.

Goldenaire (a limited edition shade originally released with Lingerie in December 2005) is a metallic, pink-bronze.

Tan (a permanent shade) is a very metallic reddish brown.

Gold Stroke (a limited edition shade originally released with Antiquitease in October 2007) is a sheeny warm (red) brown with a few small sparkles.

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  • jojoba says:

    >hmm, i have tan coming in. that melon looks very different on you than me. i gave it away and now i want it back! *_*

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    >Hi Karla, I have an award for you, pls visit my blog to collect it :) Cheers,

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