MAC Pigments, Part 3

Just wanted to mention it again: this week’s posts are appreciatively dedicated to the extremely kind readers who donated samples from their own stashes to the swatching cause.

This week we’re looking at a selection of MAC pigments — loose powders most often used as eyeshadows, but also viable as blushes, body highlight, nail polish tint, hair sparkle, sometimes lip color… pretty much anywhere you care to use them.

If you’ve missed a favorite shade at the counter, Cosmetic Company Outlets (Estee Lauder outlets, found in outlet malls in the U.S. and the U.K.) are an excellent resource. Selection varies from store-to-store, but they carry products from all of Estee Lauder’s brands at ~30% off retail (expect to see Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Prescriptives, and Origins).

I’m not sure their listing is complete, but to find a nearby “CCO,” I use the website
MAC, pigment, swatches, Vanilla, Naked, Provence, Fairylite, Gold Dusk, Violet, RoseVanilla (a permanent shade) is a super sparkly, pink-toned white, adored by many as a highlighter for brow, cheek — you name it. It is not the same as the pressed MAC eyeshadow of the same name (which is a creamy white, like vanilla ice cream, and not as sparkly).

Naked (a permanent shade) is pink-toned, an almost-skin-tone pink-beige with light sparkle.

Provence (a limited edition shade originally released with D’Bohemia in May 2005) is a yellow-toned white beige with light sparkle.

Fairylite (a limited edition shade originally released with Rockocco in July 2004) is a nearly invisible pink-toned shade with hardly any sparkle. It’s really subtle.

Gold Dusk (a limited edition shade originally released with Sundressing in May 2006) is a lovely lemony, sparkly highlight. If you can’t find this one, or you don’t like loose eyeshadows, check out Lemon Chiffon shadestick from Sugarsweet.

Violet (a permanent shade) is a vibrant, glowy, sparkly, blue-purple. As blue-toned shades often are, it’s really intense.

Rose (a permanent shade) is rose — predictable? — with serious gold sparkle.

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3 Responses to “MAC Pigments, Part 3”

  • Suzanne says:


  • blue_orchid_on_the_rock says:

    >HI Karla,

    Do you know how I can find out a CCO in the UK? I googled it and nothing came up….And I really want some of the pigments…

    Thanks a lot!


  • S. Vanessa Hailey says:

    >So I was all MAC a few years ago and just lost the love one day. You have rekindled my love for Violet.

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