MAC Pigments, Part 4

MAC, pigmentToday we’re taking a look at some of MAC’s most beloved pigments (intense, often sparkly/metallic/duochrome loose powders used as eyeshadow, mixed into nail polish or lipgloss, used as highlight, etc.) All of today’s specimens are quite metallic and sparkly.

MAC pigments are $19.50 each, sold in 7.5 g (0.26 oz) jars — except the pigments from Overrich (now called Rushmetal pigments, and permanent to pro stores: Heritage Rouge, Copperbeam, Blonde’s Gold, Museum Bronze, Vintage Gold, and Antique Green); these are 4.3g (0.15 oz).
MAC, pigment, swatches, Sweet Sienna, Coco, Subtle, Sunnydaze, Copperized, CocomotionSweet Sienna, a limited edition shade originally released with Antiquitease in October 2007, is widely loved for its contradiction and complexity. The color is a cool grey with tiny, warm, orange-gold sparkles. Some people have remarked that Sweet Sienna “pulls blue” on their eyelids, and it is one of the few shades that can sometimes change colors (become more blue) when pressed.

Coco (a limited edition shade originally released with D’Bohemia in May 2005), is one of the most sought after MAC pigments, a cool brown.

Subtle (a limited edition shade originally released with Nocturnelle in October 2006), also highly sought after… is nearly a twin for Coco. I’ve actually swatched these next to each other a few times now, and I usually can’t tell the difference. Subtle looks slightly darker in this picture (did I swatch it more heavily?) — but I think the important thing here is that if you have one, you don’t need the other.

Sunnydaze (a limited edition shade originally released with She Shines in June 2006) is a neutral, metallic, light brown/tan. (Click here to compare to Blonde’s Gold from Overrich.)

Copperized (a limited edition shade originally released with Rushmetal in July 2007), is an antiquey green-gold. (Much less green than Vintage Gold from Overrich.)

Cocomotion (a limited edition shade originally released with Rushmetal in July 2007) is an orangey-blonde. Like a blondish redhead.

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2 Responses to “MAC Pigments, Part 4”

  • jojoba says:

    >i think i like copperized…

  • Chelsea says:

    >Those are gorgeous!

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