MAC Style Warriors

MAC’s next collection, Style Warriors, seems to be bustin’ out all over. Scheduled to release May 28, the items are already available online, and some counters already have testers — so naturally, we’re talking about them.

Style Warriors has a bold, tribal theme. The limited edition packaging features animal prints and strong graphic patterns; the collection includes really bright eyeshadows and surprisingly dark lips for summer; even the neutrals are metallic, shimmery, and loud.

Style Warriors sees the return of Solar Bits, chunky, wildly glittery loose eyeshadow MAC describes as “pigment clusters.” They are very sparkly; some people love them. I think you’ll need a solid base to prevent fallout.

There are three Solar Bits shades ($19.50, all limited edition):
  • Scatterrays (a repromote from Solar Field) – glittery, champagney peach
  • Bronzescape (a repromote from Solar Field) – yellow brown, similar to Tempting, but more glittery
  • Impassioned – purply brown

Style Warriors also includes five eyeshadows (each $14.50):

  • Soft Force (Veluxe Pearl, limited edition) – soft, pale, frosty gold
  • Tempting (Lustre, permanent) – a warm, yellow brown which would seem less subdued if it weren’t right next to those Solar Bits. Though it’s technically a Lustre, I always thought it looked and behaved more like a Frost.
  • Night Manoeuvres (Satin, limited edition) – a cool, dark brown that reminds me a bit of Mineral from Ungaro (but it’s less purple), and a bit of Espresso (but Night Manoeuvres is cooler). Unfortunately, this one has the somewhat dusty, chalky texture you sometimes find in the Satin finish. If you love the color, it’s okay – but it’s not luxury to apply.
  • Bright Future (Veluxe Pearl, limited edition) – a very saturated yellow
  • Vibrant Grape (Satin, permanent to pro stores) – violet, with the same dusty Satin texture as Night Manoeuvres
If you love violet, but dislike Satin finish shadows,there are some alternatives from the permanent line (not included in this collection). Creme de Violet is slightly lighter, with tiny, sparse silver sparkles. Another option would be Stars ‘N’ Rockets, which has a violet-blue duochrome finish.
Style Warriors includes four lipsticks and four matching lipglosses (all eight are limited edition; they cost $14).

Sunsational (Glaze) is a semi-sheer, sparkly yellow. Brave New Bronze (Satin) is a matte, opaque peach. Tribalist (Amplified Creme) is a red brown like raisin-chocolate. Purple Rite (Frost) is a sheeny blue-purple.

The lipglasses are surprisingly opaque. Liberated is a sparkly yellow (gold sparkle). Gold Rebel is a sparkly apricot or light orange (gold sparkle). Fierce & Fabulous is a magenta with blue sparkles. Style Warrior is cocoa brown with iridescent sparkles. The collection has two bronzers ($21) and two Beauty Powder Blushes ($18). Solar Riche (LE, repromoted from Solar Field) is somewhat orangey; Refined Golden (permanent) is comparatively more tan. On a Mission (LE) is plummy; Eversun (LE, repromoted from the Beauty Powder Blush collection) is peach-bronze.

Style Warriors also includes Lustre Drops, liquid luminizer in puff-paint-looking dropper bottles. These are limited edition, $18.50 each, meant to be used alone as a highlight, or mixed with foundation for a little extra luminosity. Sun Rush is a bit orangey; Pink Rebel is pink-gold; Bronze Hero is copper.

The unswatched items from this collection are: Skinsheen ($22.50, an aerosol tint for legs; I didn’t swatch it because the sales associate estimated it would be on my arm for a week); Iridescent Loose Powder in Golden Bronze ($21, a permanent item); Pro Lash mascara ($12, permanent); Smolder Kohl ($14.50, permanent — actually, that’s what’s dividing the bronzers and BPBs); and three shades of nail polish (each $11).

MAC Style Warriors: Soft Force, Tempting, Night Manoeuvres, Maneuvers, Bright Future, Vibrant Grape, Scatterrays, Bronzescape, Impassioned, Solar Riche, Solar Rich, Solare Riche, Refined Golden, On a Mission, Eversun, Sunsational, Brave New Bronze, Tribalist, Purple Rite, Liberated, Gold Rebel, Fierce & Fabulous, Fierce and Fabulous, Style Warrior, Sun Rush, Pink Rebel, Bronze Hero

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16 Responses to “MAC Style Warriors”

  • Whit says:

    >thanks for the swatches- definitely helps me decide on what to get from this collection :)


    >Unusual for MAC to produce a collection with such different lip shades and one of each (i.e not mostly ‘nudes’ or ‘brights’ etc). Style Warrior l/g is totally calling my name and yet is not something I would normally go for, lovely swatches.

  • Mayra says:

    >OMG, thanks so much for these swatches! I already knew what I wanted but was skeptical about a few colors, but now with you rswatches you’ve helped me makeup my mind! Thanks a bunch!

  • jojoba says:

    >have i said that you are our hero? thank you so much for the swatches!

  • Alex says:

    >I think that the solar bits look the most interesting to me. Perhaps it my love of sparkley things :)

  • Nicole says:

    >Thanks again, Karla – your swatches completely killed any desire I had to buy products from this collection. :)

  • birkinbagbeauty says:

    >Mmm, I am only attracted to the Pink Rebel and On A Mission. I still have Eversun, as for the lipstick…they are not really me.

  • Mayra says:

    >Quick question…how would you compare Bright Future to Chrome Yellow?? Thanks =)

  • Vanessa says:

    >Thanks for the swatches! Rumor has it they are being released actually this Thursday, the 21st!

  • Amina says:

    >thank you for the swatches :)

  • Erin says:

    >Yay! Soft Force e/s is a must for me, possibly Brave New Bronze, and Eversun!

  • Vichaya says:

    >Oy… I think this collection’s ugly. They’re just not my colour. :(

  • Coco says:

    >Lovely swatches.


    >Thanks for adding these swatches, it totally puts things in perspective .. i’m loving it!

  • Meri L says:

    >Do u think Solar Riche will match for those who have fair skintone ? I'm afraid it will look dirty >.<
    Hope anyone can answer me, really need help. Thanks =)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Meri, I'm sorry to say I do think Solar Riche is dark for fair skintones. The "fair" MAC bronzer is Golden — but at least it's a permanent part of the collection!

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