Rouge G de Guerlain

[Edit: I originally reported that these lipsticks have no scent. They do, but the testers seem to lose theirs after prolonged exposure to air.]

Let’s talk about Rouge G de Guerlain! Guerlain has added a new lipstick to the family: The new formula has Liplift primer built in, which supposedly keeps it from feathering and helps the color last longer. It also contains vitamins and minerals, hyaluronic acid microspheres (which absorb water and swell to six times their volume, filling wrinkles), mango butter, and ground ruby monocrystals (to reflect light). There are 25 shades (each starting with the letter G) — and each lipstick is $45.

The elaborate “space coffin” case was designed by jeweler Lorenz Baumer. It has a mirror built in and the cap is magnetized. The case has no flat surface, so good luck standing it up anywhere.

It’s really hard to evaluate this lipstick on account of the price. $30 is high. By $45, I’m in denial. Let’s forget about the price for just a minute. This lipstick does feel nice — nice like Chanel Rouge Allure, like Clinique High Impact lipsticks. It doesn’t have a scent (YAY!), and though the shades are nothing earth-shattering, I found three I liked (20 Gina, 60 Gabrielle, and 02 Gardena). Rouge G also offers a range of finishes (some seem more sheer, a few have sparkles, and at least one looked metallic or frosty).
01 Guerlinade (peach nude)
02 Gardena (neutral pink)
03 Galia (terracotta pink)
04 Gentiane (red pink)
05 Gracieuse (warm brown-peach-copper, maybe a little sparkly?)
06 Garance (plum pink)
07 Gaby (copper rose, might look metallic or frosty)
08 Gisele (wine rose)

09 Galante (wine)
10 Gaia (brown)
20 Gina (coral red)
21 Gala (cherry red, blue-red)
22 Greta (deeper, purple-red, still contains blue)
23 Geisha (true red)
40 Gil (sparkly coral)
41 Gipsy (intense mango with some sparkle)
42 Giuliana (deep, reddened coral with some brown, some pink)
43 Ginger (orange brown with gold sparkle)

60 Gabrielle (sheer, sparkly, gorgeous pink)
61 Gaela (cool, hot pink)
62 Georgia (rose)
63 Giulette (a redder hot pink, still cool)
64 Gemma (cool lilac)
65 Grenade (red rose)
66 Gracia (plum)

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17 Responses to “Rouge G de Guerlain”

  • styrch says:

    >Wow, that case looks like they tried to make lipstick more convenient but failed in the execution. Guess they never intend you to set your lipstick down while handling the mirror.

  • The Mighty J says:

    >The price and colours have put me off these – I think its mostly the price though lol Hopefully you get your ‘puter issue settled soon.

  • Catherine says:

    >A few of the colors look really pretty… but I think you’re right. $45 is just ridiculous for a lipstick…

  • Jamilla Camel says:

    >Women in the US are getting ripped off..this lipstick is at LEAST $10 cheaper in Europe.

    I LOVE Rouge G…I’ve got Gina and Geisha, and I plan to get more, but not in the U.S.!

    Thanks for the swatches!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Awww, dammit Jamilla! Now I want one. :)

  • Katie says:

    >I want GINA!!!! So gorgeous.
    I love coral reds… love, love, love them!!!!
    Mac Mellow Flame is a personal fave – I have like 6 back ups. But Gina looks gorgeous and is probably a million times more long wearing. ( I want to wear a coral red for my wedding. Damn 45 bucks is steep though.

  • adriana says:

    >thank you so much for your review, I was trying to find what the color Giulette 63 looked like and the images vary so much between the Guerlain site, Sephora, Amazon, you never really know what color you're getting if you order online. Yours is the only site where someone was smart enough to put it on their skin so you can see what it actually looks like, so thank you.

  • dempss01 says:

    >I love these lipticks, despite the price. Could you do some swatches of the complete 'traditional' KissKiss line? I think it would be super useful…at least for me ;)

  • Cerydwen says:

    >Thanks so much for swatching these – I've been looking out for decent swatches for months, as it's so difficult to judge the true colours on the various websites where they are sold.

    Jamilla, do you mind saying where you have bought yours from? In the UK they retail at £25, which currently converts converts to $41.48, so there's not much of a difference here.

    Also, I don't know if I'll get in trouble for asking …. but I've seen testers for sale on Ebay for well under retail – does anyone know if they're genuine?


  • Jamilla Camel says:

    >Hi, my secret is Heathrow Duty Free!! The cheapest place to by Rouge G.

    Don't know about eBay…

    Good luck!

  • Cerydwen says:

    >OOhh! Thanks Jamilla! My daughter's flying out of Heathrow next week, so I'll ask her to have a look then. She also has friends who work there :)

  • Inge says:

    I just bought two of these lipstick, and im a huge fan of this site so i decided to give my response to help others choose. *im from the netherlands, so sorry if my english isnt correct*

    I was looking very hard to find a lipstick for my skin color. pale pink. and i tryed the rouge coco from chanel, but the tasted very not ok and the colors are great but fade out. I tryed everything on the store but came back to guerlain, dispite the price. I found to colors, the 09 and the 08 gisele. They are so gorgeous a swear it would look good on anyone. Doesnt tasted at all smooth and not to glossy like, the color are intens but also nice. I really dont want anything else anymore. I have to say you have to try it on to see the right color. I would never picked 09 otherwise. So please go try it on *the lips, i know but yes~!!! and try 08 and 09 LOVE THEM

  • Becky says:

    Gardena looks like a dupe for MAC’s “hug me” lipstick, as far as the colour.. too bad its a lustre and goes on like just a clear gloss on my pigmented lips! maybe the guerlain formula will show better… is it a little more opaque??

  • marta says:

    Gardena is impossible to find. A friend game me one and I fell in love with the creamy texture. I’d buy 3 at $48 if I could find them. They are that much better. The case beautiful but inconvenient. But trying to find this in stores where you can actually see the color is also impossible. Or getting Guerlain on the phone. SO BIG THANKS KarlaSugar for posting these amazing reviews. Now I might be able to select a similar color. ;)

  • Gina says:

    I had the same experience as commentor Inge… after my usual chanel colour was discontinued I tried on lipsticks for hours in sephora and to my extreme annoyance the most expensive one turned out to be the best by a mile. I have pretty dry lips in winter and needed something that sits very smoothly and doesn’t make my lips look even drier! you know the ‘sparkles and colour settling in the grooves’ appearance… well, this glides on so beautifully and sits so evenly that i’m going to have to buy a bunch more in duty free!

  • Gina says:

    additionally: one thin coat is enough for me with this line, I don’t go back and forth like I do with other lipsticks

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