Armani Lasting Silk Foundation

Armani, foundation, Lasting Silk UVArmani just released a new liquid foundation for summer, inspired by “extreme” backstage conditions at fashion shows. Fashion shows held outdoors? Anyway, it’s called Lasting Silk UV Foundation, and it’s long-wear (14 hours), “high-resistance,” medium coverage, with a luminous matte finish. It makes no promises to be waterproof (in fact, it’s a water-based foundation), though one would expect any “long-wear” foundation to be sweatproof at least, right? It’s SPF 20, but the claim is that it’s still “spotlight-proof” despite its SPF.

Lasting Silk is supposed to feel most like Armani’s beloved Luminous Silk Foundation (LSF). Lasting Silk is $58 for a 1 oz., pump top bottle. And the shade numbering makes no sense to me.
Armani, Giorgio, foundation, Lasting Silk, swatches

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15 Responses to “Armani Lasting Silk Foundation”

  • Ingy says:

    >Thanks for making the swatches! I actually bought this foundation last month and I'm not happy with it for the price I paid. In my opinion, it is not long-lasting at all, it does not look as natural as some other foundations and it tends to oxidize on me :(

  • Meri L says:

    >I want this foundation so badly but too bad it hasn't launched in Malaysia yet >.< thanks for the swatches ^^

  • Alex says:

    >Maybe the shades with .5 are supposed to have a more yellow undertone? Is it just me or does the shade range look a lot more limited than the other GA foundations :(

  • Jackie says:

    >for long lasting, I like the Kevyn Aucoin Airbrush foundation. Just my 2 cents!

  • Du Hast Mich says:

    >Thank you, Thank you for making swatches of these! I've been using the regular LSF in #2 for years and heard these were lighter but ordering #4 seemed extreme. Looks like I do indeed need #4. You saved me a lot of hassle because I would have ordered #2 probably. :)

  • SW says:

    >I've been using this in #5 for a few months and it's the best thing I have found in a long time. And yes the numbers ending in .5 are yellow. The colors run lighter than LSF too, btw.

  • Jessica says:

    >Thanks for the swatches- my guess about the skips in the numbers is that they have (or are formulating) additional colors that aren't available in the US. Which sucks, cause I think I may have needed 1. I'm a bit paler than MAC 15, I know you're a 20 and it looks like the 2 is your tone but more yellow- true, or do you think it's lighter?

  • jojoba says:

    >i think i might be #4 from your swatch. :)


    never bought anything GA till this day. not sure why!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Alex and SW, I think you're right about the half-shades being yellow (except for 2).

    Jessica, 2 is definitely too yellow, but I think it might be too light for me too. I didn't take the time to try to match these against my face, but I'll try to do that next time I'm at the counter.

  • Jessica says:


    I'm actually glad to hear you say it seems to light- that means it may work for me. It's just a lot to pay for something that I can't try first, ya know?

  • XeniaKerimova says:

    >I use #4 and it feels soooo good for summer. It is in fact really pricey but it looks very natural and very good on me. Only for summer though, its coverage is not enough for winter. I use the fluid master primer before the foundation, and my skin has never looked better!

  • Kate says:

    These swatches are so helpful! Any chance you could swatch the regular luminous silk foundation? I'd love to see how 5,6 & 7 compare!

  • pearlyn says:

    is it possible for u to swatch the luminous silk foundation?
    i’m based in asia & i can’t get hold of them locally. i can ask my friend in usa to buy for me but i duno what shade i’m in for luminous silk foundation.
    i’m NC20 though.


  • jv says:

    i’m pretty pale and 2 is too light for me. I would say if your lighter than NC 15 than this is your shade. 4 in this is lighter that the 4 in luminous.

  • Lauren Hayes says:

    I am looking for a long lasting foundation to wear on my wedding day in June! Do u know anywhere that stocks it in Hampshire so I can go and try the testers to match my colour?

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