Bobbi Brown Nude Collection

Bobbi Brown’s latest collection is called “Nude,” and there have been a good number of Bobbi products called “nude”… which means I’m doomed to mix up their names for the rest of time.

Bobbi says, “Nude makeup doesn’t mean monochromatic, barely-there makeup. It means makeup that’s right for your skin” — and I think that’s why she keeps coming back to nudes. I can agree with the philosophy. I like my makeup to look “like me but better;” I think makeup you can’t see is doing its job well — though as you know, I’m a neutral-lover.

The Nude Collection includes a limited edition six-shade Nude Eye Palette ($60). Each pair of shadows is housed in a normal-sized square pan, and three of these are set in Bobbi’s reusable, 3-pan palette (sold individually for $10). So if you ever use up the whole palette, you can pop the pans out and replace them with something else; or if you want to take this palette to travel, you could replace one of the shadow pairs with a blush (or another shadow, or those square-panned lipglosses).

The shades in the palette are Navajo eyeshadow (beige), Pebble metallic eyeshadow (silvery), Chino eyeshadow (yes, it’s taupe; cool brown), Beige Linen shimmer wash eyeshadow (very similar to Pebble, but gold instead of silver), Maple Sugar metallic eyeshadow (warm gold brown), and Caviar eyeshadow (which looks black). Bobbi’s shadows aren’t the softest texture out there, but these colors look so good for me that I want them anyway.

There’s also a new (permanent) long-wear gel eyeliner shade ($21), also named Caviar, but the liner looks very dark brown compared to the blacker shadow.
Bobbi Brown, Nude Collection, Swatches, Nude Eye Palette, Navajo, Pebble, Chino, Beige Linen, Sugar Maple, Caviar, eyeliner, eyeshadowThe Nude Collection also includes a limited edition Nude Shimmer Brick ($40). I swatched the five shades separately as well as blended together, since I learned from one of my blogging heroes Afrobella that the shimmerbricks can do double-duty as eyeshadow. I really liked the rose-beige look of Nude, though it may turn ashy on darker skintones. Your mileage may also vary with these products; some love them, but some find the shimmer to be overwhelming.
Bobbi Brown, Nude Collection, swatches, Shimmerbrick, Shimmer Brick, NudeThe Nude Collection will hit counters (and the Bobbi Brown website) in July, but Nordstrom has testers out — and is probably offering pre-sales — to get ready for its upcoming anniversary event.

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12 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Nude Collection”

  • Julie says:

    >Thanks so much for posting these today!! I've been wanting both the palette and Shimmer brick, but wanted to see the colors on skin first. I was just thinking last night that I wished you would post them….and then here they are:) You somehow read my mind. Thanks!! They are so pretty and I'll definitely be buying both!

  • Catherine says:

    >Oh this shimmer brick actually looks quite lovely! Unfortunately the eyeshadow palette looks a bit too cool-leaning for my complexion. Maple Sugar looks so pretty but I can totally see it looking wrong on me. Thanks for the swatches. =)

  • Kiu says:

    >The eye palette looks like it has similar colors to what I already have so I can pass, but I will think about the shimmerbrick. It looks pretty!

  • Houston Living says:

    >OH. MY. GAWD. I will OWN these. Thank you so much for this information. I love, love, love neutrals and you just made my day. **waits impatiently for July**

  • The Makeup Snob says:

    >Thank you for posting! These are sooo pretty!

  • Y says:

    >I wanted to get these shadows before, but after seeing the shadows ,I'm a bit underwhelmed. I don't think that I could ever bring myself to spend 60$ on that.

  • jojoba says:

    >i was interested at first but your swatches kind of killed all the lemmings. i don't think they'd show up well on me.

  • Julie says:

    >Houston Living, you can buy now from They ship right away. Some Nordstrom counters already have these in stock. I have a friend who was able to buy one during the BB Friends and Family sale from her local Nordstrom. So just call and see if yours has them in yet.

  • SW says:

    >Do I need this? I've been waiting for a great BB palette, but this one leaves me a little unexcited.

    I am leaning towards a few other Nordies LE palettes.
    Dior's & Nars Look TDF, but I must seen in person before deciding.

  • Miss Melissa says:

    >Thank you so much for this! I cannot wait to pick it up. You didn't happen to swatch the four new cream lipsticks in this collection did you? They look beautiful too. Love this site!

  • eujee says:

    >Thanks so much! did you get your hands on Dior smokey palette by any chance? I was wondering if this was anything LIKE that. would u say this is absolutely necessary palette if you got a lot of brown & gold e/s anyway? thanks so much for being always helpful!

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