Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge

Last weekend my Bobbi Brown “source” slipped me a piece of paper with a list of BB products slated for discontinuation. (He knows about you, readers, and he loves the idea that he’s leaking information directly to BB fans. We’ll call him Mr. X.)

The list was surprisingly long, and included gel eyeliners in Cobalt, Hunter, Bronze Shimmer, Sapphire Shimmer, Indigo, and Mahogany (say what?) and Pot Rouges in Summer Tan, Calypso Coral, Blushed Rose, Stonewashed Pink, Pink Raspberry, and Raspberry (say what?!).

Mr. X theorized that the Pot Rouges were going to be replaced by the new Sheer Color Cheek Tints, so I thought I’d better get them swatched, stat.

The Pot Rouges are a lip-and-cheek product, and compared to the Cheek Tints, they’re more pigmented (they have a white base, so they show color more strongly). Mr. X also feels that they sink into pores more. By comparison, the Cheek Tints (at least nominally) are for cheek only. They’re more sheer, and according to Mr. X, they are more blendable and don’t sink into pores.

Naturally, I swatched these heavily to give you the clearest picture of the colors; you would wear them far more sheerly. Pot Rouges are $22.
Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge, swatches, Summer Tan, Calypso Coral, Blushed Rose, Velvet Plum, Milk Chocolate, Powder Pink
Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge, swatches, Chocolate Cherry, Pink Truffle, Stonewashed Pink, Pink Raspberry, Raspberry
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge: Summer Tan, Calypso Coral, Blushed Rose, Velvet Plum, Milk Chocolate, Powder Pink, Chocolate Cherry, Pink Truffle, Stonewashed Pink, Pink Raspberry, Raspberry

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10 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge”

  • Proximity says:

    >*cries* but I LOVE the pot rouges!

  • Dannimag says:

    >I would love to try the cheek Tints. I like that it does not sink into pores, more blendable and sheer. :)

  • Amina says:

    >oh no!
    why are they discontinuing them? i loove them!

  • Erin says:

    >Um, why is she doing this? NO BOBBI!!!

    Aw man, and she’s discontinuing some of my fave gel eyeliners. (Bronze shimmer Ink and Sapphire Shimmer Ink)

    AND she is taking away my beloved Pink Raspberry… :(

    Well, I should then go and try her Cheek Tints.

  • Kaoru says:

    >I never understand why companies do this. I can understand if a product doesn’t make a profit, or if the new product they are replacing it with is actually considered better by their customers, but this isn’t one of those cases. Everyone I know loves the pots, and don’t like how sheer the cheek tints are. You can find cheek tint dupes easily, but I have serious trouble finding dupes for the pots. *sigh* Guess I better stock up while I still can.

  • Thepunkcat says:

    >I love Calypso Coral (is the only shade I own) And I’m lemming for pink raspberry so I think it’s time to stock up before it’s too late! (U.U)

  • anis-chan says:

    >juz found ur blog, only to find out about this news! nooooo!!!!! i love pot rouges!

  • lipstickrules123 says:

    >crapola! if this is true, i need to RUN to BB and get me a couple!

  • Rachel says:

    Can I buy stonewashed pink? how much ? Thank you.

  • Sandra says:

    Ooooohhhhh nnnooooooo! I was wanting to go get Calypso Coral this week! Bloody hell, I had no idea this had already happened! WTH are they thinking?!? These products are gorgeous! :-(

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