Guerlain Summer Splash

Everyone’s got a favorite (and I definitely didn’t see this one coming), but I’m more excited about Summer Splash than any other Guerlain collection I’ve swatched so far.

Lots of brands are doing blue for summer (see Dior’s take on it) — just begging you to channel Brooke Shields or Darryl Hannah.
Guerlain, swatches, eyeshadow, quad, palette, Summer Splash, Perle des Mers, loose kohl, Lagon Bleu, Lagoon Blue, Sable Blanc, Sable BlondGuerlain, Summer Splash, Perle des Mers, quadI’ll be the first to admit I never use blue eyeshadow, but you could almost (almost, but it’s $58) buy the eyeshadow quad just for the third shade, a golden grey, a silvered wheat. It is so unusual and gorgeous I couldn’t take my eyes off it and I couldn’t readily think of another shadow that color (if this is ringing any bells for you, let me know!). Guerlain rounds out the quad with a white highlight (with a slight gold sheen), a pale pink, and a reflective lagoon blue.

Summer Splash includes a limited edition Terracotta Loose Kohl in Lagon Bleu ($34), which I’m sure is the same shade as 2005 release Aqua Bleu, previously swatched by Rina. This kohl is also almost identical to the blue eyeshadow shade in the quad.

There are also two eyeshadow singles ($34), Sable Blanc and Sable Blond. Both of these seemed softer and smoother than the rest of the permanent eyeshadow singles (released at the same time as Exotic Paradise). Sable Blanc is a white gold, and surprisingly pigmented — actually more pigmented than the similar quad shade. Sable Blond is a soft yellow brown — very pretty, but not quite as exciting as the quad shade (which I wish they’d made into a single). If you like either of these, don’t wait! These shades are limited edition.
Guerlain, Summer Splash, swatches, lipstick, Kiss Kiss, Maxi Shine, Gloss Stick, Beige Nude, P�che Fougueuse, Peche Fougueuse, Peach Shine, Red Shine, Rose des Sables, Grenade des Iles, Corail des MersThe lipsticks are all $30. The three Gloss Stick shades are limited edition; the Kiss Kiss lipsticks and Kiss Kiss Maxi Shines are repromotes from the permanent line. All of these are scented, though I think the Gloss Sticks may be less strongly fragranced than the other formulas.

Guerlain Summer Splash: Perle des Mers, Lagon Bleu, Blue Lagoon, Sable Blanc, Sable Blond, Sable Blonde, Beige Nude, Peche Fougueuse, Peach Shine, Red Shine, Rose des Sables, Grenade des Iles, Corail des Mers

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7 Responses to “Guerlain Summer Splash”

  • asiyakei says:

    >I picked up the loose kohl because I love them, but passed on the quad as the three neutral colours all looked really similar on me… may just need to swatch again though! Will definitely go back for a third look, LOL, I have SDM points to use up!

  • jojoba says:

    >hmmm why does the quad look so pigmented in the product pic but not so on your arm? and you are so fair too… maybe it’s another product for me to pass. lol

    guerlain has not been a brand for me other than its old discontinued lipsticks…

  • pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie says:

    >You're right, the golden grey shade is gorgeous. I couldn't take my eyes off it.

  • Inês says:

    >Hi! I didn't bought the quad, not that i didn't love the colors but i'm too tanned to use them. Altought i bought sable blond i really like the colour, it's so neutral it just give some light in my eyes :) Of course poudre des sables is already mine!:D

  • Houston Living says:

    >I still need to try the Kiss Kiss stuff. I love the e/s quad, but it is so expensive. I agree, though, that the silver color might just justify the cost!!

  • Carrie says:

    >Maybe its just my monitor, but that silvered wheat shade reminds me of MAC's Warming Trend. ?

  • Lissa Vestergaard says:

    >Oh wow. I wish they would make that golden grey shade a single.

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