MAC Euristocrats II

MAC’s Euristocrats II collection is scheduled to release July 2nd (ha! Good one, MAC). Euristocrats (Euristocrats I, the original) released April 2nd of last year — to every region other than the U.S. Imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Euristocrats II includes 8 limited edition lipsticks ($14), 8 Dazzleglasses ($18. Date Night is already part of the permanent collection; Internationalist, Roman Holiday, and Local Colour will become permanent to MAC stores), and 4 lip pencils ($13) repromoted from the permanent line.

I feel pretty confident that the promo picture shows Saint Germain on the left and Cockney topped with Rue de Rouge on the right.
MAC, Euristocrats, swatches, Costa Chic, Naked Paris, Patisserie, Milan Mode, London Life, Saint Germain, CockneyDate Night is plum with purple-blue sparkles. Euro Beat is coral with pink sparkles. Internationalist is pink with aqua-blue sparkles. Local Colour is the least sparkly of the group — pink with gold sparkles. Roman Holiday is rose-brown with pink and orange sparkles. Rue de Rouge is sheer cherry red with pink sparkles. Vie Veneto is lavender with blue sparkles — like Lavender Whip’s Dazzleglass cousin.
MAC, Euristocrats II, swatches, Date Night, Euro Beat, Internationalist, Local Colour, Roman Holiday, Rue de Rouge, Vie VenetoThe lip pencils are regular, non-mechanical pencils from MAC’s permanent line. These come in 26 shades, but aren’t as soft as the Cremestick liners.

If, for some reason, you miss out on purchasing the lipstick of your dreams, don’t panic. All eight of these shades are permanent in Europe. Actually, the original Euristocrats collection included 16 lipsticks — the U.S. still hasn’t received Rue D’ Bois, Barcelona Red, Going Dutch, or Ramblas Red.

MAC Euristocrats II: Euristocrats 2, Costa Chic, Naked Paris, Patisserie, Patiserie, Milan Mode, London Life, Saint Germain, St. Germain, Saint Germaine, Cockney, Date Night, Euro Beat, Internationalist, Local Colour, Local Color, Roman Holiday, Rue de Rouge, Vie Veneto, Magenta, Cherry, Subculture, Whirl

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6 Responses to “MAC Euristocrats II”

  • sanayhs says:

    >Local Colour has the ToD on both the Canadian and pro sites, so I'm not so sure at this point that it will become perm. Internationalist and Roman Holiday do not have the ToD.

  • Claudia says:

    >hi !
    there's a mistake on the label on the photo, Saint Germain is amplified not frost !

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Oh no, Claudia — you are quite right. I must have been cocky this morning, labeling photos without consulting my notes. I'll fix that!

  • Houston Living says:

    >OH Hell!! Your swatches look so amazing. I love this collection. **Stops by MAC to piss off husband today**

  • Proximity says:

    >I love the color of Saint Germain, does anyone have any thoughts on how wearable it actually is?
    (I'm around NW15-20 in the MAC range, if that's relevant to the question.)

  • Bollywoodwonder9 says:

    >Milan Mode is the lipstick on the left on the promo images…

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