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MAC, Graphic Garden, paletteNordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is right around the corner (July 17 – August 2), and that means that most beauty brands will be selling items from their permanent collections, repackaged or regrouped into special sets. Because MAC has a special relationship with Nordstrom, they create a collection for Nordstrom’s anniversary every year — this year it’s Graphic Garden. (In Canada, Nordstrom-exclusive items are sold at The Bay.)

Graphic Garden includes:

  • Two 6-color eyeshadow palettes with lenticular cases (the lid shifts from one image to another as you tilt it). I think these were originally going to sell for $38, but the Nordstrom display unit definitely says $35 (woo!). All of these shades are new and limited edition, but they do look like MAC shades we’ve seen before, so don’t panic. A 213 SE brush is included in each palette.
  • MAC, Graphic Garden, Lip Bag, Summer Crop

  • Two “Lip Bags,” small, zipped cosmetics bags containing two lipsticks and a lipglass. These were originally slated to be $34.50, but the display says $35.
  • Two brush sets, each $49.50. “Define and Blend” contains short-handled versions of the 129 blush brush, the 190 foundation brush, the 252 eyeshadow brush, the 219 pencil brush, and the 209 eyeliner brush. Click here to see what those look like. The “Shape and Perfect” set contains short-handled versions of the 187 skunk brush, the 168 angled blush brush, the 275 angled eyeshadow brush, the 212 flat liner (or tightlining brush), and the 194 concealer brush. Click here to see what those look like.
  • Three “Look Box” sets (1… cut a hole in a box). These are mostly permanent items grouped into all-in-one kits, sold for $59.50. Each box also contains a face chart with instructions for recreating the look:

The only problem with swatching these so early is that my counter had the tester palettes, but no actual compacts, and no indication of which shades were which. I thought all the textures were pretty nice, except the last two shades of Fresh Cut seemed weaker on pigment.
MAC, Graphic Garden, Fresh Cut, swatches, eyeshadow palette, Social Climber, Botanical Blue, Straight Hedge, Wild Wisteria, Linear Lilac, Floral Inc, Sun Shy, Fresh Cut, Poppy Noir, Bloomcycle, Part Peony
In no particular order, the Graphic Garden palette contains Social Climber (VP), Botanical Blue (Frost), Straight Hedge (VP), Wild Wisteria (Lustre), Linear Lilac (VP), and Graphic Garden (Velvet).

The Fresh Cut palette contains Floral Inc. (Frost), Sun Shy (Lustre), Fresh Cut (VP), Poppy Noir (Velvet), Bloomcycle (VP), and Part Peony (Lustre).
MAC, lip bag, swatches, Graphic Garden, Summer Crop, Baby Blooms, Semi Annual, Garden Bed, Soft Illusion, Spiceflower, Baby Bloom
I thought Summer Crop looked pretty swatched on my arm, but I knew it was going to be more or less invisible on my lips.

MAC Graphic Garden: Summer Crop, Baby Blooms, Semi-Annual, Semi Annual, Garden Bed, Soft Illusion, Spiceflower, Baby Bloom

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14 Responses to “MAC Graphic Garden”

  • Mary says:

    >I love the Fresh Cut shades! Thanks for showing us these :)

  • Y says:

    >Thanks for the great swatches! I love the lip bag in baby blooms <3

  • Magi says:

    >Wow, so pretty…

    Karla, I hope it´s OK to ask – I am a huge fan of your swatches. Is it OK to you if I show your image on my german blog with credits?

  • Jenn says:

    >oh, I was going to go on a make-up diet for July but I may have to make an exception for these. Love the eyeshadow palettes and Summer Crop (although I may have the same invisible on the lip problem).

    Thanks for the preview!

  • Dannimag says:

    >Wow, I love both e/s palette!! Thanks for swatching it for us!!

  • jojoba says:

    >finally one collection that i don't feel like getting anything! gosh your blog is way too dangerous. every time i come here, i want something!

  • TaLaisa says:

    >Thanks for Swatching these!

    I pre-ordered the eyeshadows today but didn't see the lippies. I really like the look of the summer crop but they would not look like that on my lips. The other set is pretty too.

  • Huai-Ann says:

    >I agree with TaLaisa. I like Summer Crop more, but they look so incredibly sheer that I know they wouldn't look like that on my lips. I ended up pre-ordering Baby Blooms instead.

  • *chari* says:

    >"2 – put your junk in that box"


  • Catherine says:

    >Thanks for the swatches! Hmm… decisions decisions.

  • Whit says:

    >ooo I like fresh cut!! so the last shade is a lustre- maybe that's why it was a weaker pigmentation..

  • amynaree says:

    >Ooh I really want the fresh cut palette, it's so lovely! Thanks for the swatches :D


    >Oh my goodness, I NEED Summer Crop, all 3 lips in the set are lovely, but the l/g is especially gorgeous, aaah, too bad I'm in the UK-I don't think we get these.

    I love the Graphic Garden palette too, not a single shade I wouldn't use.

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