NYX Powder Blush, Part 2

Special thanks to chixyb, who very graciously loaned her rep palettes to the swatching cause.

I mentioned yesterday that NYX is found in random places. My Ulta carries some of the line, but not the powder blushes, so I casually asked some of my makeup-loving friends which ones I would like if I were to buy sight-unseen. “Peach!” they said, “and Mauve.” Makeup-loving friends, why did I doubt you?

Pinky is sparkly (I didn’t know NYX did sparkly blush); the other shades are matte. Natural looks to me like a pretty good dupe for Benefit’s Thrrrob (NYX, $6; Benefit, $28) — what do you think?
NYX, blush, swatches, Pinky, Peach, Natural, CinnamonBlush swatches can be misleading — something that looks shy or weak in a swatch can be a perfectly lovely blush shade (especially on fair skin). The more blush I swatch, the more often I say, “my favorite blush looks like that on my arm? It’s practically invisible. No one’s going to believe what an excellent blush that is.”

NYX Blush: Pinky, Peach, Natural, Cinnamon

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3 Responses to “NYX Powder Blush, Part 2”

  • Kate says:

    >We must have similar skin tones. I am finding that I gravitate towards everything you claim as a favorite. Looks like I need to check out the Peach blush!
    Thanks Karla!

  • Shuu says:

    >aww Natural is a dupe for Thrrob? great! i don't have to spend more $$$ :P

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