NYX Powder Blush, Part 4

It’s day 4 of our look at the NYX blushes (courtesy of chixyb, whose palettes I’m swatching).

NYX (pronounced “nix” like the Greek goddess of night, not spelled out like JFK) is a top-notch drugstore brand. You can find the brand in some random places (some grocery stores, the occasional clothing boutique), as well as in some Ultas, and online at NYXCosmetics.com, CherryCulture.com, and Nonpareilboutique.com.

Several of the swatches we’ve seen so far have looked really pigmented. I think Cinnamon in particular was worrying people. Chixyb said I should assure you that it’s not nearly fearsome as it looks in a heavy swatch, and that she loves its tanned peachiness on her very fair skin.

I think that taps into what makes NYX so well loved by so many. Some pigmented blushes (NARS, Rock & Republic) are fairly pigmented on first swatch, meaning fair girls have to apply very carefully or avoid the line. I would say most NYX shades are buildable, which makes them more flexible for a range of skintones.
Today’s shades are all matte, and I’d like to say that watermelony Mauve could not be any less “mauve.”

NYX Blush: Mauve, Spice, Stone, Chocolate Moose, Chocolate Mousse

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4 Responses to “NYX Powder Blush, Part 4”

  • Y says:

    >I love how they purposely misspelled chocolate mousse to chocolate moose. Stone is horrible name for a blush. when I think of stones, I think of grey colors.

  • P-ham says:

    >yay matte blush! i want mauve now, it looks pretty^_^

  • Starry x2 night says:

    >I would never have picked up Mauve based on the name. But wow is it pretty!

  • Katrina says:

    >I was looking at this pic and thought to myself "man, I need to get Spice" then I realized I own it and had it on my swap list. Whoops!

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