Chanel Fall: Collection Venise

Temperatures are reaching into the hundreds… it must be time for fall makeup.

I’ll be honest; I don’t like fall makeup. Lipsticks and eyeshadows grow darker, like a warning that sometime in October or November, I’ll be cold. Fortunately, Chanel’s fall offering (Collection Venise) seems to straddle summer and fall, meaning there’s something to wear right now and something to save for later.
Chanel, fall, 2009, Collection Venise, Collection Venice, Murano, eyeshadow quad, swatches, acqua, alta, acqua-alta, arlequin, courtisane, glossimer, lipglossCollection Venise introduces the Murano eyeshadow quad ($56). The shades are teal-grey; sparkly greyed pink; cool, greyed robin’s egg blue; and black blue-grey. The quad reminds me of a battleship at sea in winter. Chanel’s website doesn’t designate this quad as limited edition — I’m still investigating its long-term availability.

Collection Venise also offers an Irreelle eyeshadow duo, Acqua-Alta ($40): silvery, icy pale blue and a slightly blued steel-grey.

There are also two new glossimers ($27), Courtisane (opaque, metallicky pink) and Arlequin (yellow-orange-pink gold). There’s no indication that the duo or the glossimers are limited edition.
Chanel, fall, 2009, Collection Venise, Collection Venice, Poudre Douce, Joues Contraste, Tissages, les tissages de chanel, tweed blush, fresque, peche caresse, tweed sienna, swatchesMy favorite part of this collection are the peachy powders. There’s a new Joues Contraste (possibly permanent) blush, the peachy Fresque ($42). There’s also a new tweed blush ($45, click here to see the four original shades). Tweed Sienna looks much darker in the pan than it does in a swatch. On first swipe it looks peachy; the shade develops a little more rosy-brown as you layer it on.

Poudre Douce ($50) is lightly tinted soft pressed powder, for a little bit of all-over color (MAC’s Beauty Powders are the same idea). The new shade is called Peche Caresse, and I’m not sure how it’s different from existing color Peche Tendre. Peche Caresse is very lightly peachy.
Chanel, fall, 2009, Collection Venise, Collection Venice, swatches, rouge allure, lipstick, clandestine, comedia, amusing, captive, intuitive, instinctiveFinally, there are six new shades of one of my favorite lipstick formulas, the $30 Rouge Allure. Most shades have a distinctly autumnal bent — my favorite (of course) is the peachy outlier Instinctive.

Chanel Collection Venise: Venice, Murano, Acqua Alta, Fresque, Peche Caresse, Tweed Sienna, Clandestine, Comedia, Amusing, Captive, Intuitive, Instinctive, Arlequin, Courtisane

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6 Responses to “Chanel Fall: Collection Venise”

  • Elvira says:

    >RAs in Clandestine and Amusing WILL BE MINE!!!!

  • Proximity says:

    >Yay for pretty new Rouge Allures!
    I know that you probably get a lot of requests for things to swatch, but I was wondering if you might swatch the collection of Chanel JC blushes at some point?

  • SW says:

    >Interesting, Tweed Sienna looks half way between Tweed Rose & Corail. I might have to check this out. BTW, is the Tweed collection LE or did it just replace the Irr.

  • Cindyrella says:

    >I agree with your choice of RA, I must have it! I need to see the Tweed blushes & quads in person.

  • tenebrasetlux says:

    >I LOVE that greyed-pink shade in the Murano quad. I have been looking for a shade just like this one! Has anyone seen a similar single eyeshadow anywhere??

  • Crissy K says:

    >I want those RA lipsticks!!! The colors are so versatile.

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