Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss, part 1

Chantecaille, lipgloss, Brilliant, Gloss, tubeIn addition to their potted glosses, Chantecaille makes a series of tube glosses (called Brilliant Gloss). These are $28 each, have a brush wand, and are generally more sheer than their potted counterparts. As a side-note, everything at Chantecaille costs $28: the eyeshadows, the blushes, the lipsticks (not lip chics), the potted glosses, and the tube glosses.

Brilliant Glosses wear very comfortably, with an unsticky, cushiony-gel feeling and no scent. I last mentioned them in my Summer Lip Roundup, having fortuitously discovered that orange lipstain topped with sheer coral gloss is dead-sexy for sumer.
Chantecaille, lipgloss, Brilliant, gloss, swatches, Charm, Mirth, Modern, Charisma, Allure, Glee, Love, ElationCharm is a very sheer baby-doll peach; Mirth is sheer pink. Modern is beige-pink. Charisma (rose-gold) is the only really shimmery shade. Allure is sheer raspberry. Glee is a purple-toned, rose-pink with tiny, subtle pink sparkles. Love is a cooler baby pink (or ballerina pink) with a little bit of shimmer. Elation is a neutral light pink. Because the sheer shades may look very similar on the lips, may not be necessary to collect them all.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more swatches, including more pigmented shades.

Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss: Charm, Mirth, Modern, Charisma, Allure, Glee, Love, Elation

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One Response to “Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss, part 1”

  • 3bDiva says:

    >Just wanted everyone to know that I own almost every single wand gloss that Chantecaille has. The shades look different on all lips based on your liptone. None of these shades look like the pictures here when I wear them. However, the swatches on Karla's arm are EXACTLY what they look like in the tube. These are shades you HAVE to try on in order to see what the color will be on YOUR lips. Love them, btw!

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