Chantecaille Potted Lipgloss

Chantecaille, lipgloss, gloss, potChantecaille makes lipgloss in two forms. The tube-gloss with the brush wand is called Brilliant Gloss, and the one in the mirrored pot is called “lipgloss.” Since that’s potentially confusing, and I still have tube-gloss swatches to show you, I’ll call these the potted lipglosses.

The potted glosses are $28 each, come in mirrored compacts, and contain SPF 15. They don’t come with a lip brush, but I got mine from Sally’s Beauty Supply for ~$5.

Dragonfruit is probably Chantecaille’s most famous shade, a gorgeous coral pink with tiny sparkles. Amaretto and Nectar look similar, but Amaretto is more nude whereas Nectar is more pink and has tiny sparkles. Cristal, Bellini, and Guava are the sparkly shades, but they’re still quite subtle. Compared to the Brilliant Glosses, these are generally more pigmented, less sheer.

Mimosa (peach with tiny sparkles) and Nougat (brown plum) are technically discontinued, but the Chantecaille counter at my Neiman Marcus still has stock. So if you fall in love with either, call Karen or Sarah at 800-756-5784 and tell them you’re a reader.

Chantecaille’s website is also offering free shipping until August 12, to thank us for our patience during its construction. (Click here to shop online.)
Chantecaille, lipgloss, gloss, pot, swatches, Dragonfruit, Cristal, Amaretto, Nectar, Bellini, Guava, Taffy, Campari, Mimosa, NougatChantecaille lipgloss: Dragonfruit, Cristal, Crystal, Chrystal, Amaretto, Nectar, Bellini, Guava, Taffy, Campari, Mimosa, Nougat

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3 Responses to “Chantecaille Potted Lipgloss”

  • The Mighty J says:

    >Dang I was loving it till I read they are potted. I can't do potted glosses even if its Chantecaille. Shucks – I am looking forward to the tube swatches now.

  • Sabrina says:

    >OMG, GORGEOUS!!!! I have 5 of these and your picture quality is amazingly accurate. I need to check out Taffy the next time I'm at neimans. Thanks for posting this.

  • Zoë says:

    >you have the best swatches!

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