Lancome Fall: Declaring Indigo

Lancome, Declaring IndigoLancome Fall is a huge, vibrant collection, designed by Aaron De Mey to evoke the free spirit of a magnificent (Parisienne?) woman. The collection is called Declaring Indigo and it’s officially on counters in August — though it’s already at my Nordstrom and freestanding Lancome store. Unfortunately, everything in the collection which is not a repromote from the permanent line… is limited edition.

The collection begins with three limited edition Color Design Liberty Palettes (eyeshadow quads, $42). The signature palette, used to gorgeous effect on model Daria Werbowy, is Indigo Charm (shimmery yellow gold, shimmery antique gold, and two nearly identical shades of intense, reflective indigo — one has a few sparkles, the other doesn’t).

For those who like the look, but aren’t ready to go full-indigo, there’s the Golden Audacity quad, which uses the same gold and antique gold, but pairs them with a lovely gold-beige and a slightly chalky black with sparkles.

Then, for the timid (me), there’s Nude Elegance, which I think I love primarily for it’s taupey second shade. The other colors are bone white, orangey tan, and sparkly purple brown — pretty versatile.
Lancome, Declaring Indigo, swatches, palettes, Nude Elegance, Golden Audacity, Indigo Charm, eyeshadow, Color Design, Liberty Palettes Lancome, Declaring Indigo, fall, palettes, Nude Elegance, Golden Audacity, Indigo Charm, eyeshadow, Color Design, Liberty PalettesThere are also a bevy of new lip products. The first lipstick, brown-purple Front Page, is actually a repromote from the permanent line. The new limited edition Color Design lipsticks are sparkly berry Paris Rouge, warm red Berry Sensual, and slightly bluer Rouge Liberty. Color Design lipsticks are $22.

Color Fever Glosses (the ones with the yonic applicators, $25) are beautiful; sheer and sparkly (my favorite!). Berry Glamour is a sparkly brick purple. Raspberry Glimmer is a sparkly raspberry pink (and probably my favorite). Rouge Magnificence is sheer berry — the only non-sparkly shade. Declaring Gold is sheer yellow, almost clear, with a few gold sparkles. Golden Rouge is a neutral, sparkly purple, which I lusted after, even though I never like purple on my lips.
Lancome, Declaring Indigo, swatches, color design, color fever, lipstick, lipgloss, Front Page, Paris Rouge, Berry Sensual, Rouge Liberty, Berry Glamour, Raspberry Glimmer, Rouge Magnificence, Declaring Gold, Golden Rouge There are three nail polish shades ($18), which all together had me humming La Marseillaise. The ladies in my freestanding Lancome store had the brilliant suggestion of swatching these on tape, so you readers could still see what they looked like on skin. What a great tip for testing polish without ruining your manicure!

Lancome, Declaring Indigo, swatches, vernis, nail, polish, Golden Audacity, Indigo Paris, Rouge LibertyOne of the biggest pieces of Declaring Indigo news is the introduction of Lancome’s Ink Artliners, potted cream eyeliners. These are quite creamy and opaque in a single swipe. I swatched these first with disposable lipgloss brushes, then with disposable eyeliner brushes. Ink Artliners are $23.50, and I can’t believe these aren’t here to stay.

Lancome, Declaring Indigo, La Rose Liberte, Goldenescent GlowNext on my arm is La Rose Liberte ($40), a yellow highlighting powder which reminded me of MAC’s Honey Light. Nordstrom also had a bronzing powder in an identical compact with the embossed rose powder. I swatched it, but wasn’t able to photograph before the storm clouds rolled in.

Rouge Glow ($29.50) is one of Lancome’s fabulous Blush Subtil blushes, and the color is a repromote from the permanent line.

And finally, there are two new shades of Le Crayon lip pencil ($22): Rouge Liberty and Berry Sensual.
Lancome, Declaring Indigo, swatches, Indigo Charm, Noir Magnificence, Brun Elegance, ink artliner, blush subtil, Rouge Glow, La Rose Liberte, Goldenescent Glow, Rouge Liberty, Berry Sensual, Le Crayon, liplinerThere are a few more things worth mentioning about Declaring Indigo. First of all, there is a new Virtuose Mascara ($24.50) in Royal Gold, blue with gold sparkles.

Also the brushes being released with this collection are as noteworthy as the cosmetics. You’ve no doubt seen photos of the Nordstrom-exclusive Declaring Indigo Brush Set ($52), super-soft synthetic brushes with black and indigo bristles. Every Lancome counter will also receive a new eye brush ($20), designed for use with the Ink Artliners, and a new powder brush ($40), designed for use with La Rose Liberte, or any powder.

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11 Responses to “Lancome Fall: Declaring Indigo”

  • Kristina says:

    >Wow, what a post! Thanks, Karla! I have to say, I am totally not into nail polish, but even I kind of want that gold one!

    Do you happen to know which lip product(s) were used on the model? It looks great with that quad! Her features and coloring are a bit similar to mine, so I'm awfully tempted to go to Nordstrom and play around trying to re-create the look, lol!

    Thanks :D

  • Catherine says:

    >Wow – this collection is gorgeous!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >According to the breakdown on their website, Kristina, it's Paris Rouge lipstick with Raspberry Glimmer Gloss (and a tiny amount of Declaring Gold) on top. Good luck with your re-creation!

  • Jaime Leah says:

    >Wow, what a fabulous way to swatch nail polish. I was wondering if I'd ever see the day here on KarlaSugar!

    I love the brushes that were released with this collection, they are far too gorgeous.

  • Meilily says:

    >Loving the indigo charm colors right now! Thanks for the swatches : )

  • R says:

    >Thx, karla, love that gold np in particular.

    BTW, did you see this?


  • Michelle (Lipstick Rules) says:

    >This is the collection I'm MOST excited about. Thanks for the swatches — it will help me decide.


  • SephoraMAC says:

    >Thanks so much for these swatches. Looks amazing. I can't wait to get these in Canada. Nail polishes are gorgeous. Love the gold.

  • Tijana says:

    >Hi Karla,

    Do you know if the Bessy Sensual lip colour from this collection is the same shade as Lancome's Color Design Berry Sensual? I've been trying to find that one, but it is discontinued, so I am wondering if this one is the same (or very similar shade).


  • Tijana says:

    >Sorry, I meant Berry Sensual.

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