Laura Mercier Fresco Collection

Laura Mercier, FrescoLaura Mercier has a new collection out, called Fresco. Like several makeup artists, Laura was a painter before she got into makeup, and this collection is inspired by the soft colors of that (most notably Italian) painting style, in which wet pigment is painted onto wet plaster, and the two dry together.

The collection includes a repromote of Laura’s beloved cake liner in Mahogany Brown (click here for swatches, but please note that her cake liners are now $22), as well as several shades of her Satinee Creme Eye Colour (Ecru Silk, Pink Chiffon, and Stone Suede, according to the website, but all five original shades are permanent — click here for swatches).

There are also a handful of exciting new products — the new products are all limited edition.
Laura Mercier, Fresco, swatches, Soft Apricot, Sienna Sunset, Teal Cashmere, Amber Velvet, cream blush, Cream Cheek Color Pots, Creme Cheek Colour Pots, Satinee Creme Eye ColourLaura Mercier, FrescoFirst of all, there are two Creme Cheek Colour Pots (each $34). They have a flip-top lid with cream blush on top, then a screw-top sifter container of powder on the bottom — but it’s best to think of these JUST as cream blush; the powder is so sheer you couldn’t use it alone. It’s intended as a setting powder for the cream, tinted to match (a meet-in-the-middle alternative to using either another blush or translucent powder on top). I attempted a partially overlapping set of swatches to illustrate this.

There are also two new shades of Satinee Creme Eye Colour: Teal Cashmere and Amber Velvet.
Laura Mercier, Fresco, Watercolour, Watercolor, palette, fair, medium, swatchesLaura Mercier, Fresco, watercolor, watercolourThe piece I think everyone’s really talking about is the lip palettes ($48). These come in “Fair” and “Medium.” Each palette contains a lip brush, six shades of universally appealing, semi-staining, satin-matte lip color and (an identical) lip primer. If I’ve understood the website correctly, the lip palette names refer to the shades inside, not to the recommended skintones.

The concept behind these palettes is that you play the artist, patting on different layers of color, mixing and matching, using shade one if the pigment gets too dark; intensifying the pigment with shade four.

Laura even has a few recommended “recipes” to get you started (I’m reminded of Jelly Belly’s jellybean “recipes”). From the Fair palette:

  1. Peach Sorbet (soft peach with rosy undertone): Dab on shade number 4 (Brown), shade number 3 (Terracotta), and shade number 1 (Beige)
  2. Sunny Apricot (soft warm pale peach): Dab on shade number 6 (Light Apricot) and shade number 1 (Beige)
  3. Soft Pink (pale blushing pink): Dab on shade number 4 (Brown — only a touch) and shade number 1 (Beige to mute)

From the Medium palette:

  1. Cherry Crush (raspberry): Dab on shade number 5 (Red) and shade number 3 (Cranberry)
  2. Peachy Pink (pinky peach with or without brownish tone): Dab on shade number 2 (Fushia), shade number 1 (Beige to mute), shade number 6 (Light Peach) and shade number 4 (Brown) to neutralize if desired
  3. Woody Rose (brown mocha with rosy cast): Dab on shade number 4 (Brown) and shade number 1 (Beige) to lighten and make pinker

Laura Mercier Fresco: cream eyeshadow, cream blush, watercolor palette, Soft Apricot, Sienna Sunset, Satinee Cream Eyeshadow, Teal Cashmere, Amber Velvet

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4 Responses to “Laura Mercier Fresco Collection”

  • Kate says:

    >Great, I think I want every single thing…

  • Proximity says:

    >What a pretty palette … I doubt I would use it very often (too lazy) but I kinda want it nonetheless.

    Can I ask a technical question?
    I'm getting this odd thing where the images that you insert into your posts look great (and very color accurate) but if/when I click to see them larger, the color intensity/saturation looks much higher (resulting in everything looking brighter, and more yellow/orange/red).

    I don't know if it's a my-computer thing, or if others see the same – it's not a big deal for me, but if others are also getting the same thing, it might be worth figuring out how to fix it.

  • Michelle (Lipstick Rules) says:

    >Great post. I have yet to try any LM products but think I should!

  • Kristina says:

    >Hi Karla, thanks for the swatches! Those palettes are pretty neat. I would love to hear your expert opinion on something: if I wanted to create mostly cool to neutral lip shade combos, and can only pull off lighter shades in warmer tones, which of these palettes would you suggest?

    Hope you're well!

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