New Brush Discovery!

I was walking through Target the other day when a new brush caught my eye. “Natural bristles,” it promised, and the shape was intriguing. Since it was $1.99 (!!) regular price, I felt it needed to come home with me.

I think you can pick one of two basic brush shapes for placing color in your crease: a dense, bullet-shaped crease brush (like my Studio Gear #35, photographed here), or a fluffy crease brush, like Trish McEvoy’s 29 or MAC’s 226. I think some people even use MAC’s 217 or 224, but I find those brush heads to be much too large for my eye (to me, those are blending brushes, and still rather large).

Anyway, the more I discuss the subject of crease brushes with various makeup artists, the more it seems their preference is for the fluffier type. How utterly fantastic that you can get such a lovely, soft one for $1.99 at Target. Everyone should own one of these!

For comparison purposes, I photographed the Studio Tools Eye Contour brush next to Trish’s 29 (Studio Tools is a bit more tapered), and reader Swocit was so kind as to photograph hers next to a MAC 226 (the 226 is even more tapered, but some users find the MAC brush a bit scratchy).

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13 Responses to “New Brush Discovery!”

  • Mama Jen says:

    >that brush looks really nice…i've seen them at Target before but never tried them because usually cheap brush i find to be of not good quality. Maybe i'll just have to try this one..and $1.99 won't break the bank

  • Joey says:

    >That Studio Gear brush looks a lot like the Laura Mercier Pony hair crease brush (which I have but want another of)! Nice dupe! I might need this =)

  • Nicole says:

    >I wish we could find $1.99 brushes of decent quality in the UK… *sigh*

  • aft3rthought says:

    >it looks like a less tapered version of the 226! this size is good for my eyes.. will have to check it out soon!

  • Redhotsunfire says:

    >I was in target friday and came across this brush. I was about to make a post about it this is funny…but its my new favorite crease brush. It's pretty amazing..and for $1.99 you can't beat that…:)

  • vesperbeauty says:

    >Studio Tools brushes are the best! I have lids that overlap, so I use the contour brush for blending mostly, and it's great. Very soft and almost no shedding. I find them better than Sonia Kashuk's line!

  • Catherine says:

    >I think I read somewhere recently that EcoTools and Studio Tools are made by the same people. I *adore* EcoTools brushes so….. =)

  • FaceFab says:

    >Hiya lady!

    Thanks again for awaking the sleeping giant affectionately known as my brush demon!

    Hmm… I have a particular SK (white handle) blender that looks suspiciously like the #226 (althogh I have all 3 of their blenders including the black ergo), but now I must return to tarjay to seek out the goody you've shown!

    Thanks bunches (really I mean that!) for showing the $2 deal! >=D

    ps: Check my blog, I nominated you for a blogger award!
    Cheers & hope you're well!
    Erika =)

  • K.Lo says:

    >Heck yeah! That brush is awesome! The Studio Line brand also has a "skunk brush" which I LOVVVVVVVVE. I love it more than the Sonia Kashuk. I don't have a MAC one, so I can't compare.

  • macgurlie says:

    >I just bought a few! Cant wait to try them! I did not see these before…

  • T says:

    >Thanks for the heads up. I love studio tools brushes. Their skunk brush is pretty fun too.

  • Sabrina says:

    >Thanks for posting about this! I made it to target today and picked up several of these!

  • Manna says:

    This sounds fantastic!!! Do you know if I could get one of these in Canada? Please let me know. I’ve seen Ecotools in Superstore but not Studio Tools and I don’t think we have Target…

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