A Primer on Primer (Urban Decay)

As part of a huge list of new-for-fall items, Urban Decay just launched a plethora of new primers. Their original Eyeshadow Primer Potion came out in 2004 — it’s meant to be applied to eyelids and allowed to dry before applying eyeshadow, with the goal of improving color intensity and preventing creasing or fading. Compared to other eyeshadow primers out there, Urban Decay’s is usually preferred by people with oily lids (people with normal or dry skin sometimes find UDPP too drying).

In February of this year, Urban Decay launched its Primer Potion in Sin — the same priming product with a pink metallic tint, meant to be worn alone for a wash of color, or under shadow to boost its color intensity. Click here for a swatch.

Now Urban Decay has introduced four new priming products: two face primers, a lip primer, and a mascara primer.

Urban Decay, primer, potion, face, Brightening, Pore PerfectingThe face primers are available in two formulas (each $30). The Brightening Primer is intended more for dry skin, and contains ingredients to brighten and moisturize. The Pore Perfecting Primer contains silicone to fill lines and pores, and has a soft-matte finish. Though the Pore Perfecting Primer is primarily for oilier skin, dry skintypes can use it if pores are a concern. Both of these primers can be used in conjunction with mineral, liquid, or powder foundations — or even without foundation, according to Urban Decay.

I haven’t tried the face primers myself, but early reports from the field have been trickling back with positive results.

I did spring for both the lip primer ($20) and the mascara primer ($20).

Urban Decay, primer, potion, lipThe lip primer is interesting: it has a very waxy consistency, and unlike other lip primers (e.g., Guerlain Liplift), it doesn’t erase the color of your lips — which I like. It does help short-lived lipsticks stay on longer, but it seems to mute the lipstick just a bit, so you’ll need an extra swipe or two to achieve the color you’re used to.
Urban Decay, primer, potion, mascara, lashes
I liked the mascara primer too. It’s a strange transition from Lancome’s Oscillation Powerbooster (which deposits a ton of product): the small, straight brush applies primer lightly and evenly, which gave me an attractive, delicate, non-clumpy soft fringe — but it’s a little less dramatic than other choices. The mascara primer also contains silk proteins and wheat proteins, which are supposed to leave your lashes stronger. And mascara should be applied on top of wet mascara primer, regardless which brand you’re using (don’t wait for the primer dry).

If you want to try them all, Sephora is selling a Box of Potions, which contains both face primers, the original eyeshadow primer, the mascara primer, and the lip primer, for $65 — a fantastic value if I do say so myself.

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4 Responses to “A Primer on Primer (Urban Decay)”

  • Kristina says:

    >I like all of UD's primers with the single exception of the Brightening one, which I would NOT recommend for acne-prone skin types…

  • Sprite says:

    >they need to put the eye primer potion in the same packaging that the face primers come in! Then I would go back to buying it over the Toofaced shadow insurance.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >I'm with you, Sprite. Bending the wand on UDPP was a joke.

  • Tiffany says:

    >I actually just got the Sephora set, so I'll try out all the new stuff over the weekend. I did get a sample of the pore perfecting one before that, though, and it worked pretty well for me.

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