Bobbi Brown Ivy League Collection

Bobbi Brown, Ivy LeagueBobbi Brown’s Ivy League collection is out on counters, just in time for back-to-school.

There are three fall-friendly eyeshadow shades, each $20 and sold in a “one-pan palette.” (Bobbi’s eyeshadows and blushes are all on a system that allows you to construct your own 3- or 6-pan palettes.) Dark, sparkly green Bash Metallic Eyeshadow was previously released with the Party Collection last October; it’s back for a second, limited edition run. There’s also permanent-line repromote Ivy (a matte, somewhat chalky dark green). And finally, the beautiful, new, limited edition Golden Leaf Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow.

I was so excited when I swatched Golden Leaf on my arm: it’s a beautiful, complex, shimmery green-brown-gold that reminded me of Rock & Republic’s Snakeskin. When I got home and downloaded my pictures, I thought, “really?”

If you get the chance to see/swatch this one in person, I would really recommend it. I think it’s more special than its picture. If you know you want it and don’t live near a counter, call my pal Robert at 214-231-3900 (Nordstrom) — he’ll get it to you with free shipping. Just tell him you’re a TNBTTGSY reader.
Bobbi Brown, Ivy League, swatches, Ivy, Bash, Golden Leaf, Shimmer Wash, eyeshadow, Lip Crayons, Coral Pink, Posey, Wild Rose, Honeysuckle, Dusty Nude, Raisin BerryIvy League also brings Bobbi’s Lip Crayons back (as additions to the permanent line), and they may be the nicest lip products I’ve ever swatched from Bobbi. The chubby lip pencils are extremely creamy — and just as the sales associate was telling me how well they stay on, a passerby spontaneously confirmed, “they really do stay on!” Alright then! Lip Crayons are $22 each, and come with a custom sharpener. Because the pencils are so very creamy, my sales associate recommended turning the sharpener (rather than turning the pencil), when you need to sharpen.
Bobbi Brown, Ivy League, swatches, eyeliner, Forest Shimmer Ink, Forest Shimmer, Jet, Charcoal, Long-wear, Gel, Creamy Eye Pencils, Caviar, Mahogany, Walnut, Dusk, Midnight, Brown PlumEyeliners are definitely “in” this fall, and this collection includes 9 shades of Bobbi’s Creamy Eye Pencil (reformulated and re-released back into the wild; $20). The Creamy Eye Pencil has a sponge smudger on the back end, and each pencil comes with a sharpener in the box. It’s not the creamiest eye pencil I’ve swatched, but they do come in a nice range of colors. Jet is black. Charcoal is grey. Caviar is really dark brown-black. Mahogany (which I would have named Mink) is brown-grey taupe. Walnut is brown. Dusk is soft purple; Hunter is dark ivy green; Midnight is navy; and Brown Plum is a soft, slightly purpled, cool taupey brown.

Ivy League also introduces a new Long-Wear Gel Shimmer Ink ($21) to the line. Forest Shimmer is really dark, sparkly, greeny-brown, and the color is permanent.

Finally, there’s a new brush (not photographed here), the angled eyeshadow brush ($28). The angle of its “angle” is extremely gentle.

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8 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Ivy League Collection”

  • Jaime Leah says:

    >I saw these on another blog and I can't say I'm a huge fan. The colors are all too dark and that stock photo is really off-putting. I'm so not a fall makeup kinda girl!

  • Pixie says:

    >Haha, this would be the ideal collection for me, looking at its name :D

  • Joey says:

    >*sigh* Bash will be mine. Also is it me or does Golden Leaf look like MAC Go e/s from last year's Starflash release?

  • Cheng says:

    >Thanks for the tip about turning the sharpener instead of the pencil re lip crayons! I have one from the permanent collection that I really like, but I did question the creaminess that was stuck on the sharpener. I'll have to try it the other way around.

  • Janice says:

    >Hi Karla,

    Golden Leaf is something I'll definitely have to check out. Looking at the Lip Crayon swatches, I have to say Honeysuckle looks gorgeous. Me want!

    Thanks for the great swatches!

  • Amina says:

    >thank you for the swatches

  • Proximity says:

    >Helllllo Forest Shimmer Gel Eyeliner.
    I think you can come home with me.
    Haven't bought one of these gel liners yet, but that color would look good in my collection :D

  • seventh_moon says:

    >i am an nc 35 and i tried golden leaf & it looks like sheer dirt on me :( i've treid packing it an, using it wet & it just does not look good; but i LOVE the color. do you think that the rock n republic dupe would be better color payoff?

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