Bobbi Brown Nude Collection: Lipsticks

Sorry to backtrack a little, but when my Nordstrom first put Bobbi Brown’s Nude Collection out on display, they set the eyeshadow palette and the shimmerbrick out on little pedestals with price placards — and I gleefully swatched them, thinking that was the whole collection.

Well, when the official display unit arrived, it turned out there were also four Creamy Lip Color lipsticks (part of the collection, but also permanent additions to the line). Since I’ve received several requests and questions for those — and since my counter still had all four testers — I wanted to double-back and share them with you.

The four new shades are Soft Blush (42), Rosebud (43), Rose Garden (44), and Twilight (45), and they are $22 each.
Bobbi Brown, swatches, Creamy Lip Color, Soft Blush, Rosebud, Rose Garden, Twilight

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4 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Nude Collection: Lipsticks”

  • Joey says:

    >Yup this just confirmed it, I want Twilight. Karla, I may need your address so I can start sending all my bills to you =P lol

  • chickadee1066 says:

    >I am sick of companies naming things 'Twilight' just so people will buy them based on their love for the books and/or movies. It just seems like every line is doing it these days!

  • Jane says:

    Just saw this post :) In Bobbi Brown’s defense – the vampire franchise did not even cross my mind when I saw this shade. I just thought oh what a lovely nude shade – besides I imagine the price and color selection of Bobbi Brown should be a bit out of reach and not appeal to majority of the Twi-hards (ie 12 -14 year olds)

  • I can’t believe someone would take their time to complain about a shade name; Twilight is a lovely description for imagining a shade. I, personally, think it is a nice description for the shade of that particular lipstick. Thank you for helping our minds imagine that lovely shade. Any word or name has been used many times before. Thank you for your fine product line. I love it!! Linda

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