Chanel Teinte Innocence

I’ve said it before: the foundation search is one of makeup’s most difficult quests. You have to find not only your shade, but also the right finish, level of coverage, and a in a formula your skin likes. And I still don’t think there’s any perfect system for describing someone’s skintone. MAC tries (read my explanation of MAC’s system, and more information on the warm/cool skintone debate), but there are still more unaddressed variables, and two NW20s can look quite different from one another.

Anyway, to step off the soapbox, I’ve received quite a few requests for more foundation swatches, in particular Chanel’s Teinte Innocence. “TI” comes in two versions: I swatched the Naturally Luminous Fluid Makeup, which contains SPF 12 (and the sunscreen ingredient is octinoxate).

Chanel foundations are unusual in that the company does not make foundations for skintype (oily, dry, normal, combo, etc.). As my lovely Chanel sales associate explained to me, if someone told her they had oily skin, she’d try to get down to the root of why their skin was oily — genetics? Too many drying agents, resulting in reactive oil overproduction? Foundation is recommended on level of coverage and finish alone.

Teinte Innocence offers light to medium coverage with a natural luminous finish, and if I wore Chanel foundation, this is the one I’d choose (my shade would be 0.5 Albatre). Teinte Innocence is $47.
Chanel, foundation, Teinte InnocenceChanel Teinte Innocence: Albatre, Gentle Ivory, Cameo, Shell, Beige, Soft Bisque, Natural Beige, Rose, Naturel, Wheat, Soft Honey, Cedar, Walnut, Chestnut

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13 Responses to “Chanel Teinte Innocence”

  • niea999 says:

    >waouh !
    thanks for the swatches !
    so useful, thank you !!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >I feel I should add: My face is paler than my arms (the result of spending a summer outside swatching). Because I clean my arm between swatches, my sunscreen doesn't really stay on there. I'm still wearing N1 in MAC's Face and Body. And I still think I'm ~NW20.

  • Dust Glitter and Vapor says:

    >Thank you so much for adding more foundation swatches. The information on the sunscreen ingredient is especially appreciated, I hope you continue it!

  • Mireya says:

    >I was going to ask if you face was paler than your arm, because the colors you say are your match always looks too light. But I'm an NW20 (NW15 in winter) as well, so I think 0.5 would work for me.

  • cleung341 says:

    >This is my HG foundation. I love it! I could never find the right shade in MAC.

  • Amy says:

    >Wow just found your site via the Scrangie cross over and I'm SO excited to add you to my Reader!!!

  • Monica says:

    >My HG fndn is Chanel Vitalumiere which I would say is for drier skin types so I only use it in the winter. Tempted to look into the Teinte Innocence.

  • Tiffany says:

    >Just wanted to say thank you for these foundation swatches and including those for us darker skinned ladies. I am NW47(I think. Ha!) and still looking for my HG foundation.

  • sadia says:

    hiya lovely karla i have bought all right shades of makeup because of you and have told my mates about you to add yr site aslo i was wondering if you know what shade i would be in teint innocence as i am nc42 in studio fix mac 153 in mufe hd i wouldnt trust anyone else for right shade match also in mufe face and body foundation i am going to order 24 shade is that right thnx xxxxxxxxxx

  • KellyK. says:

    because of this post i grabbed me up some and think i love it so much it just might be my new HG foundation. ive always tried to like mac foundations, but as much as i tried to deny it i think the mac foundations were making me break out! yuck, so the longer i use this, the more i love it! the gentle ivory is a good match for me! it makes my skin look so fresh and healthy! and at 33 y/o im starting to need a little help in that department!

  • Ryan says:

    This foundation seems a little hard to match based on swatches. Thank God you and I have very similar coloring.

  • Natasha says:


    Thanks for this! Im NW15(neutral) and I also mix MUFE #20+#38 to get my match. I was wondering what shade in Chanel TI I might be?

    In the UK Chanel foundations have a different shade system and the fairest shade, Limpide, is (compared to MAC) around NC20-25.

    Your website is so helpful btw


  • Shirley says:

    Hi – I have been searching for a replacement to Vitalumiere Dore (shade 70)- I see Chanel American market do Cedar, Walnut and Chetnut – do you know what would be the closest to Dore please?

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