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MAC, Makeup Art Cosmetics, promo, Maira KalmanMakeup Art Cosmetics is sort of a homecoming for MAC. The collection (set to release August 20) features three artists — a painter, an illustrator, and a photographer — and cosmetics inspired by their styles (an homage to artists of all media).

My favorite part of the collection is the eyeshadow quads ($36, inspired by painter Richard Phillips). MAC, Makeup Art Cosmetics, promo, eyeshadow, quad, Photorealism, Photo RealismPhotorealism, with its variations on green in frost and veluxe pearl finishes, won my heart right away. And I absolutely love the fourth color in Notoriety (which I’m pretty sure is called Notoriety). It’s a cool grey-brown with a few small copper sparkles, and totally gorgeous. This grey taupe shade is following me through various fall collections — see Lancome’s Nude Elegance quad and Erotica in Too Faced’s Neutral palette. In the Gallery is the most softly pigmented of the quads, and it’s a little chalkier than the other two.
MAC, Makeup Art Cosmetics, swatches, eyeshadow, quad, Photorealism, Photo Realism, In the Gallery, NotorietyMAC, Makeup Art Cosmetics, promo, eyeliner, technakohlThe collection also features some candy brights: six potted eyeshadows ($14.50 each) and five Technakohl eyeliners ($14.50 each) inspired by the style of illustrator Maira Kalman. There are a lot of repromotes in this group: Crest the Wave (Frost) was first seen in Stowaways, 2008. Haunting (Satin) first appeared in McQueen in 2007. Violet Trance (Matte) was first released in Balloonacy in 2007. And Purple Shower (Satin) originally came out with Turquatic in 2006. Maira’s Mood (Satin) was apparently going to be named Maira’s Magic, so you may see it referred to by that name elsewhere on the web. Haunting and Violet Trance are somewhat chalky: I definitely had to work a bit to get the color you see in this swatch.

Of the five Technakohls, Graphblack is a repromote from the permanent line. The other shades (Full of Fuchsia, Artistic License, Colour Matters, and Obviously Orange) are new, limited edition, and certainly vibrant.
MAC, Makeup Art Cosmetics, swatches, eyeshadow, eyeliner, Crest the Wave, Off the Page, Haunting, Violet Trance, Purple Shower, Maira's Mood, Maira's Magic, Full of Fuchsia, Full of Fuschia, Artistic License, Artistic Licence, Colour Matters, Color Matters, Obviously Orange, GraphblackThe five lipsticks and four lipglosses didn’t really speak to me — they’re certainly going dark for fall — and I prefer to stay in my lighter lipstick comfort zone.

The lustres are Full Body, Hold the Pose, and Lovin’ It. The frosts are Front Lit and (repromote from the permanent line) High Strung. Lipglasses (with doe’s foot applicators) are On Display, New Spirit, Personal Taste, and Young Thing. Lipsticks and glosses are all $14.
MAC, Makeup Art Cosmetics, swatches, lipstick, lipgloss, lipglass, Full Body, Hold the Pose, Front Lit, Lovin' It, High Strung, On Display, New Spirit, Personal Taste, Young ThingThere are two powder blushes, The Perfect Cheek (matte) and Notable (Satin), each $18.50.

And in honor of photographer Marilyn Minter (inspired by the way sparkles reflect in a photograph), there are also four pigments: Brash & Bold (a satin fuchsia), Push the Edge (darkly sparkly deep blue-purple), and repromotes Cocomotion (sparkly gold, a repromote from Rushmetal in 2007), and Heritage Rouge (a sparkly red-purple, permanent to pro stores). There are two glitters (not swatched because they don’t stick very well): Fuchsia Glitter, which isn’t fuchsia at all, but rather a blue-purple, and Gold Glitter. There are also two glitter reflects, which are a little finer, and tend to stick a little better, Reflects Rust (more red than rust) and Reflects Copper. All four of the “glitters” are permanent to pro stores, and all pigments and glitters are $19.50.
MAC, Makeup Art Cosmetics, pigment, glitter, glitter reflects, swatches, Cocomotion, Heritage Rouge, Brash and Bold, Brash & Bold, Push the Edge, Fuchsia, Fuschia, Gold, Reflects Rust, Reflects CopperMAC, Makeup Art Cosmetics, pigment, glitter, glitter reflects, Cocomotion, Heritage Rouge, Brash and Bold, Brash & Bold, Push the Edge, Fuchsia, Fuschia, Gold, Reflects Rust, Reflects Copper

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17 Responses to “MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics”

  • sadowl76 says:

    >I seriously can NOT wait for this amazing line!! And you're right Karla, the quads look like the most AMAZING part! Although I'm very happy to finally see some bright colors in the Technakohl Liners! Start saving up now ladies!! :-)

  • ahhhttack says:

    >Gorgeous swatches! Do you think The Perfect Cheek blush can be dupable by something in a permanent line? I was thinking maybe LM Wild Bouquet

  • Louise says:

    >Great swatches thanks honey x

  • Livia says:

    >Thank you soo much! I have been waiting for your swatches… you're amazing! :)

  • Jessica says:

    >aaack! As I suspected, this line is going to get me in trouble! And Style Black next month? Ouch. I'm thinking I need all of the Technakohls (except black) and most of the shadows and pigments!

    My goal between now and Thursday? Go through all of my shadows and find some dupes so that I don't spend the milk money on MAC!

  • JennXOXO says:

    >Thank you so much for the swatches! They're beautiful!

  • Houston Living says:

    >As always, your swatches are amazing!! They are always so true to color and I think someone could honestly purchase straight from the web, just based on your swatches. That's kinda rare! You're a gem! ;)

  • Celly says:

    >I'm more intrigued about the glitter lol. But the collection looks overall really pretty. Different dynamics.
    Thanks for the swatches

  • Connie De Alwis says:

    >thank you for the swatches! so many beautiful colors calling out to me! Especially Off the Page and The Perfect Cheek

  • Michelle (Lipstick Rules) says:

    >Great post! I am trying to limit myself to one quad…

  • julieissofine says:

    >Are the Glitters safe to use in the eye area?

  • cheryl g says:

    >Wow, beautiful colors. I want to paint a picture with them, not my face.

  • becka says:

    >Wow, awesome swatches! I usually don't buy MAC pre-made quads, but Photorealism is amazing! I'm adding it to my wish list, thanks!

  • maika says:

    >you alwasy have amazing swatches =)

  • Lisa says:

    >Thanks so much, Karla! You make it A LOT easier to make a decision on what to purchase! Hugs!! Lisa

  • Gen says:

    >Those quads are calling my name. They are so pretty! I love the bright Technakolh eyeliners. I'm definitely going to save up for this line. Thanks for the swatches Karla!

  • Tali says:

    >Thanks for these!!

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