Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 2

Put on your hardhats, ladies (and fellas?), today’s shadows are extreme. We’re continuing on through the catalog of Stars Makeup Haven eyeshadows — and I should have mentioned yesterday that these pans are the same size as MAC’s, meaning they will fit in your 4- and 15-pan palettes (even E.L.F. palettes).

In a nutshell, SMH are incredibly pigmented (as you can see) and extremely soft and smooth — to reference the old Camel cigarettes ad, pure swatching pleasure. But you don’t have to take my word for it — enter today’s contest and try them for yourself.

SMH shadows are $4.95, sold as pans, though you can get 15% off your order with the code karlasugar, expiring 8/16.
Stars Makeup Haven, SMH, eyeshadow, swatches, Flare for the Dramatic, Flair for the Dramatic, Light my Fire, Flamingo, Flaming-o, Peachy Keen, Over the Moon, Mimosa, Cougar, Sunshine Girl, Olive Branch, MetroFlare for the Dramatic is matte, fire engine red. Light My Fire is a shimmery sour cherry. Flaming-o is shimmery Miami-coral. Peachy Keen is more of a mango color — or maybe the color of cling peaches when you get them out of a can: a very orange yellow or a very yellow orange (also shimmery). Over the Moon is a shimmery dirty yellow (yellow dirtied with black). Mimosa is a softly shimmery yellow champagne; Cougar is more yellow, and cool. Sunshine Girl is a shimmery sour lemon (lemon with a bit of green to it). Olive Branch is a shimmery yellow olive. Metro is an intriguing, shimmery, warm steel. It’s slightly green-grey (kind of the color of money) — probably too cool for me, but I’m still fascinated.

I’m also happy to say I had no difficulty washing my arm clean.

About the contest. I now have more eyeshadow than I know what to do with, so every day this week I’m going to give away a pair of shades from that day’s swatches — this means (unfortunately), that your prize shadows have been swatched. Sorry about that. Today’s prize is Sunshine Girl and Olive Branch.

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48 Responses to “Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow, Part 2”

  • HT says:

    >Those colors look awesome! I loooove Metro. :)

  • Nina says:

    >I'm truly impressed with these eyeshadows! My favorites are Mimosa, Cougar and Metro.

  • Ariel and Ying says:

    >Metro is stunning. Love it

  • Proximity says:

    >Yay for some great vibrant colors! I'd love to be included, and I'm about to email you :)

  • -Emma. says:

    >Mimosa is gorgeous!

  • Onyx says:

    >Wow, these look so pigmented! I would love to add some of these to my collection. xXx

  • Nicole says:

    >I am very impressed with that you've shown us so far, Karla – can't wait to see the rest! :)

  • Halifax says:

    >I always have a thing with bright shadow colours. And thanks for the discount code too

  • Jessica says:

    >these are HOT! i love pressed shadows that can act like pigments with less mess. and the price is phenomenal. Congrats to Stars Makeup Haven! Job well done. And thanks Karla for letting us know about them :) and thanks even more for the discount code!

  • OneGreatSmile says:

    >Makeup should be like shoes. Who wants to wear the same thing every day? Love this contest!! Good luck everybody!

  • Ariana says:

    >Wow, they look beautiful. And so affordable, especially if you buy the quads off her site, it's $14.95 for four of the shadows. That's a fantastic deal. That fire engine red looks amazing.

  • Winifred says:

    >Wow! Simply amazing colors. I am soooo tempted to purchase, but I don't really "need" any shadows. What's a girl to do?

  • Catherine says:

    >These are absolutely gorgeous. I never thought I'd ever lem a red eyeshadow, but here I am hahaha.

  • KimKats says:

    >These are absolutely amazing… I had resisted going to the website, but I see now that resistance is futile… (Hey, they need a shadow called "The Borg" – a dark shimmery gray would work!) :D

    These are awesome swatches!

  • Marley says:

    >Now these are amazing colors! I LOVE Sunshine Girl! They're so nice and bright and seem like they're very smooth!


  • Joan says:

    >Pretty! You have the most useful beauty blog on the internet. :)

  • Emilee L. says:

    >I'm drooling over Olive Branch! Can't wait to see the next batch.

  • pinagham says:

    >i might have to take advantage of the 15% off for Flaming-o and Mimosa!

  • ...ALLmEYEne... says:

    >I have been eyeing the SMH shadows. I'm wondering if they are anything near the Coastal Scents hotpots. I really appreciate the swatches.

  • Erin says:

    >Is Metro taupey at all? It almost looks that way a bit. Love Olive Branch!

  • Mehendi Girl says:

    >Kayvid: Holy Cow! I love your blog but never do I remember my jaw dropping at how beautiful the swatches are…not just one or two but all…I'm truly amazed….I truly hope I win some! :-)
    Thank you so much for bringing these to us Karla. You're the best!

  • Nykie says:

    >Oh gosh, the more i look at the swatches, the more i want to splurge on them! Noooooooooooo, Karla, you tempt me too much! Keep doing it!

  • makeupmag says:

    >Thank you for the description of Metro. That caught my eye when I was browsing the site. I think I'll wait for your week's swatches to be up before ordering. You really know how to set off a lemming! :D

  • bananacreampie says:

    >sunshine girl looks so gorgeous!!! <33

  • Anne Mentta says:

    I live in brasil, can I participate?

    I loved this colors! They're gorgeous! Flaming is on my wishlist now! hahaha

    Bye! =**

  • Magi says:

    >Oh thank you again. FLAMING-O was in my cart but it looks different than I expected it to be. But it's nice anyway. Looking forward for the next parts :)

  • WENDE says:

    >Those are gorgeous! Thanks for the swatches:)

  • cleung341 says:

    >Wow, only $4.95, that's pretty reasonable. Loving Metro.

  • eenerkwak says:

    >love your blog! thanks again for the swatches :]

  • invie says:

    >Wow, those swatches look so pigmented. Is that just a single swipe? Mimosa looks like a great color. Thanks for doing all these swatches….Before i buy online i always come to your blog to see if you have swatches!

  • Marilyn M. Tycer says:

    >WOW, thank you for swatching these gorgeous eyeshadows! The quality and pigmentation just looks fantastic, and the price is AMAZING. Thanks for the 15% off code too–even if I don't win, I'm tempted to buy a few of these shadows anyways :)

    KarlaSugar, Have you tried the SMH 28 pan palette, or their skunk brush?

  • Bluebell says:

    >Thank you so much for the swatches. Metro is very beautiful.

  • PlatinumV says:

    >Wow, those eyeshadows are REALLY fantastic! I've never seen such a gradation of colour! Unfortunately I'm afraid this brand is not sold in Italy -_-'
    By the way, a question: is the contest valid also for contestant in Italy? :-D

  • Celly says:

    >oh wow, they're pretty cheap and look good. mimosa, sunshine girl and olive branch look really gorgeous.

  • longwayover says:

    >I love your swatches! Thanks for doing them :)

    Do you think one of those eyeshadows is a dupe to the wheat-golden colour from the Guerlain quad? Unfortunately I cannot use Guerlain stuff because I am allergic to the perfume they use :}

  • SharonDK says:

    >I really like Metro and Olive Branch! I'd love to see them all in person sometime. I do know that there's no way I would ever wear red eyeshadow, though.

  • Y says:

    >I love how the shadows are so pigmented! My favorite are sunshine girl, metro and Olive branch. I wonder how anyone could pull off red eyeshadow that vibrant!

  • Sissi says:

    >Wow! The colors are amazing. I would love to try all of them.

    Keep up the excellent work, SMH, and thank you for the lovely swatches, Karla.

    Good luck to all the participants!

  • Gen says:

    >I'm loving these shadows, very hot! Olive Branch and Metro have definitely caught my eye. Thanks for the swatches Karla. Love ya!

  • Laura says:

    >Thank you so much for swatching! I always come here when I'm curious about colors, mainly when I'm making online purchases! Sunshine Girl is so pretty!

  • Reena says:

    >The reds/colors most far left are ridiculously bright. I couldn't imagine wearing them. Great colors though!

  • Cassie says:

    >The colors are so vibrant! I'm glad these are so affordable!

  • mbeek says:

    >Wow! With everything you already do to help us decide colors, and now you are giving some away? I'd LOVE to try this, because who could afford not to? What a fabulous price!!!! Thanks, Karla. And I'll let you use as much makeup remover as you want. I promise.

  • mbeek says:

    >Wow! With everything you already do to help us decide colors, and now you are giving some away? I'd LOVE to try this, because who could afford not to? What a fabulous price!!!! Thanks, Karla. And I'll let you use as much makeup remover as you want. I promise.

  • Irazca says:

    >Love the colors and swatches, olive branch is really good.

  • Prestige Products says:

    >Metro, Mimosa and Guilty As Sin look fabulous… I'm sooo tempted to click on their site, but am working right now and this was part of my lunch break. ;) Thanks for your fab posts and swatching!

  • jbee says:

    >These are so unique!

    I can't wait for the purples & mauves!

  • Strictly Beautiful says:

    >eee cougar and olive branch is to die for!!!!! ive been looking for a shimmery pale lemony yellow like that!

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