Tips from a Makeup Artist: Undereye Highlighters

I’m introducing a new feature today, one I’ve been thinking about for a while now (and if it doesn’t work, we’ll fuhgeddaboudit). Spending so much time hanging around makeup counters, I hear (or overhear) little useful tips from the makeup artists who work there — and I want to pass them along.

So to kick off this feature with a bang, the first tip is a “celebrity” one. A few weeks ago, Yves Saint Laurent national makeup artist Dell Ashley was doing an event in Dallas, and though I only had about 45 seconds to talk to him, he passed along a makeup insight that I found really useful.

First of all, he was horrified that I don’t use YSL’s Touch Eclat (click here for swatches): perhaps the most famous of the undereye highlighting pens. He said that concealer was really only necessary on the inner half of your undereye area, and that it might crease on the outer half. Instead he applies concealer to the inner half, and brightener on the outer half.

While I’m not following his instructions to the letter, this FINALLY illustrated for me where to put undereye highlighter when I use it. When I put it on my whole undereye area (on top of concealer), it just draws more attention to my dark circles. But when I pat it on top of just the outer half of that area, it provides exactly the right luminous, beautiful highlighting effect.


Oh, and if Touch Eclat is a little outside of your price range, almost every brand makes a brightener like this, including found-in-Target Boots, and The Body Shop (my brand; $12).

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9 Responses to “Tips from a Makeup Artist: Undereye Highlighters”

  • judith says:

    >Thank you Karla! My two cents? LOVE the new feature with makeup tips!
    It seems I have been putting concealer incorrectly under my eyes:-( This tip is great! Thank you again for a SUPER HELPFUL blog!:-))

  • amynaree says:

    >great tip! i own the touche eclat and usually only use that, but now i'm going to try that with concealer combo :)

  • Halifax says:

    >Which product of The Body Shop do you use for this particular purpose?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >It's this one:

    A click-pen brightener that looks just like Touch Eclat. Looks like the price went up to $14 though.

  • Mary in Wonder says:

    >Hi~ I'm Mary. That's a great tip! Especially since i have serious business with dark circles and i can't get them to disappear XD Every concealer I've tried made them pop so i only cover them with's still better. But i'll try this….if i happen to find an eye brightener.,

  • Proximity says:

    >Thanks for the tip!
    Having just run into the bathroom to try it out, I can confirm that this also works with Dior Skinflash.

    I've also noticed that it doesn't hurt to blend a bit of it a little lower just to touch the the upper cheekbone area.

    Makeup Artist tips are always welcome :)

  • fatbottmdgrl says:

    >AH-HA!!!!! Now I know why when I use my highlighting pen under my entire eye it seems to emphasize those cirles. THANK YOU!!! and you're right, I found a fantastic highlighting pen in Sally Beauty Supply's Femme Coutoure line!

  • Jaime Leah says:

    >I love makeup tips! I have a ton stockpiled on my computer.

  • Iron Maiden says:

    >Karla, that is indeed a brilliant tip! I've been doing the inner concealer/outer Touche Eclat since I read it here and it make my undereye area look amazingly better–no small trick since I just turned 50. Thank you so much for posting it!

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