Chanel Rouge Allure Collection

Chanel has released another “in-between collections” collection, but I won’t complain because it’s all about one of my favorite products: their Rouge Allure. This collection features 8 Rouge Allure lipsticks (highlighting 4 previously released shades and 4 new shades), 8 shades of their new Rouge Allure Laque liquid lipsticks (finally! Europe and Canada got these way before we did), and 4 repromoted Le Crayon Levres lipliners.

Chanel, Rouge Allure Laque, promoI mentioned yesterday that everyone is focused on liquid lipstick right now. Chanel’s Laques feel very lightweight to the arm, but a little more substantial on the lips. I managed to get a sample of Dragon, and applying it is like painting really pigmented whipped cream onto your lips with a doe’s foot wand. The color is too bold and blue-red for me, so I’ve only worn it around the house — but it feels great. The formula isn’t drying and seems to stay on well. It wouldn’t last through a meal, but I think it would last through a press conference, and it does have some light staining ability.

Dragon is definitely full coverage, though I wonder whether the lighter shades might be slightly more sheer.

Rouge Allure Laques are $32 each (ow! ow!).
Chanel, Rouge Allure Laque, liquid lipstick, swatches, Coromandel, Imperial, Dynastie, Dragon, Ming, Santal, Phoenix, MandarinI’ve mentioned before that Rouge Allure is one of my absolute favorite lip formulas ever. They are delightfully comfortable to wear, subtle and complex in their color offerings, never drying… a really classy lipstick at the unfortunate price of $30. You’ll also enjoy the ninja-approved “click click” case (you squeeze the lipstick along its longitudinal axis to pop out the base, then pull to open as normal).

The four new shades are Mythic, Adorable, Fatale, and Orientale. Everybody loves Naive (except me, somehow. I didn’t think it looked like much on my lips. Maybe I need to try it again… everyone can’t be wrong). And oh Ardent, I remember why I loved you last Christmas.
Chanel, Rouge Allure, lipstick, swatches, Mythic, Adorable, Fatale, Orientale, Naive, Ardent, Audace, LoverThere are also four new nail polishes (in shades more or less corresponding to their Rouge Allure Laque counterparts). Ming is almost a dead-on match. Dragon and Coromandel exaggerate the cool-red/warm-red differences between the shades; Coromandel-the-polish seems a little more orange than the Laque. And Imperial is more warm cocoa than its lip shade. The polishes are $23 each.

All four of the lipliners are repromoted colors; these are $28 each.
Chanel, lipliner, swatches, Natural, Tulip, Carmin, Nude, nail polish, Ming, Dragon, Imperial, Coromandel
Chanel Rouge Allure Collection: Rouge Allure Laque, 72 Coromandel, 73 Imperial, 74 Dynastie, 75 Dragon, 76 Ming, 77 Santal, 78 Phoenix, 79 Mandarin, Rouge Allure lipstick, 69 Mythic, 70 Adorable, 71 Fatale, 72 Orientale, 25 Naive, 62 Ardent, 58 Audace, 09 Lover, nail polish, 471 Ming, 475 Dragon, 469 Imperial, 473 Coromandel, Le Crayon Levres, lipliner, 34 Natural, 31 Tulip, 14 Carmin, 05 Nude, Mordore-Nude

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8 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Allure Collection”

  • Estelle says:

    >Gorgeous swatches, as always! Karla, are the Laques Limited Edition? Darn my no-buy! Santal & Dynastie look gorgeous.

  • Estelle says:

    >Oh, and I didn't like Naive either. But I AM loving Mystic (got it in right before my no-buy started)!

  • Rivoli says:

    >Amazing job—I want so many of these! Before I saw your swatches, I didn't realize Imperial was so perfect. I'm afraid of –but still want–Dragon!

  • Proximity says:

    >Thank you thank you thank you.
    New Rouge Allures and Rouge Allure Laques are currently right at the top of my lemming list, so I'm super-happy to see swatches. :)
    I think I need Ming!

  • Joey says:

    >I love Naive LOL – please tell me you like Tender though?

    Mythic RA and Imperial Laque will be mine, though. Sigh.

  • LuckiestLiz says:

    >I also didn't love Naive, so I suggest you check out Darling (which I do love).

  • PlatinumV says:

    >How it is possible? I've already bought Hysteria, lipstick by Chanel, Noirs Obscures collection, and you haven't done the swatch yet? :-D I am waiting for the eye palette swatch, darling ;-P

  • Aubree says:

    For me..Dragon laque stayed all day, no feathering or fading even through eating and I had a 10 hour day. :)

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