Guest Swatcher: MAC Lipsticks

It is my privilege and pleasure to introduce today’s guest swatcher. Sammi has the world’s most perfect lips, and she has been kind enough to step in as lip model on a few occasions before (YSL Golden Glosses and Urban Decay Naked, to be specific).

Today she has very graciously agreed to swatch her personal collection of MAC lipsticks and share her thoughts on the various finishes — in support of my recent arm swatches.

Thoughts on MAC Lipstick Finishes (Sammi)
Up until October, I was a MAC virgin. In my great search for foundation, I ended up at MAC, just after the Red She Said collection premiered. I left MAC with Face & Body foundation in N1, Blot Powder, Naked Rose lipliner and Soft Pause lipstick. Now, not only was no longer a newbie to MAC, but I had bought my first ever lipstick and lipliner (don’t get me wrong, I had tried plenty of my mom’s hand me down lipsticks, but had never worn one for more than 10 seconds). I was in love. Soft Pause is the most gorgeous color on me. It’s the great fall reddish color every woman needs. I love how I can layer it to be a deeper color, or wear it sheer. I remember thinking, “This is what lipstick should be.”
MAC, Soft Pause, swatchesNext, I investigated a nude lipstick. I have very pigmented lips, especially for my skintone, and often get frustrated that my bare lips often look like I am wearing a berryish lipstick. Unlike many of you, I was not searching for a brownish nude, just something to tone down my natural lip color. I explained this to a sales associate at MAC, and she smiled. She reached down, grabbed a lipstick, applied it to my lips in one light coat and had me look in the mirror. We both smiled this time; this is what I had been looking for. She had used Hue, a soft nude pink, a Glaze lipstick. I left that day with Hue and Florabundance lipglass (one of my favorite combinations ever), but knew I had officially become addicted to MAC.
MAC, Hue, swatchesLike Karla, I have found love with the Glaze and Lustre lipsticks. Unlike Karla, though, my love for them is not based on their sheerness. As you can see in the photos, I have full lips, but when I stop smiling and go to a relaxed lip, I get deep lines in my lips, sort of like folding up a paper fan. Creamy lipsticks tend to settle into these creases, but Lustres and Glazes seem to adhere better to my lips and prevent this weird phenomenon. I do find that once Lustres and Glazes start to dry, they can dry out the lips, but I remedy this by dotting lip balm on top. My Favorite Lustres: Soft Pause (From Red She Said), Blow Dry (From Blonde, Brunette, Redhead). I love the color of Politely Pink, but prefer not to have such a shimmery finish.
MAC, Blow Dry, swatchesMAC, Politely Pink, swatchesMAC, Politely Pink, Hue, swatchesWhen the second Cremesheen collection (Cremeteam) premiered, I was at the height of my MAC obsession (and obsessed with pale lips). I fell in love with the color of Shy Girl but we had a very fickle friendship. Finally, based on a recommendation, I applied it with a lip brush, which finally allowed me to apply a thin enough layer for it to adhere to my lips without settling into my lip lines.
MAC, Shy Girl, swatchesFrosts: I am not sure what to think about these, honestly. MAC describes them as “Excellent colour payoff with medium to high frosted shimmer-and-shine finish.” I think my feelings on this finish depends a lot on the level of “shimmer-and-shine.” I love the color and finish of Angel, find it more drying than any other MAC lipstick I have tried. Eden Rocks, on the other hand, feels great on my lips, but I hate the metallicky finish. I do find that, like the Cremesheens, I need a little more maintenance (careful exfoliation, moisturization, etc) of my lips to wear them well without looking flaky.
MAC, Angel, swatchesMAC, Eden Rocks, swatches

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7 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: MAC Lipsticks”

  • Dazzledust25 says:

    >I love this post! Great idea, very informative and well delivered :) I'm intrigued by Eden Rocks, I always wear nude lips as I too have a berry coloured natural lip. I's like to try something with a little more colour.
    Amy x

  • HT says:

    >The pictures on this post are awesome! I love that you can see what her natural lips look like versus what they look like with lipstick.

  • Kay says:

    >amazing swatches as always .. :)

    i like the half lip comparison..really helps me see the actual tint in gives..

    love love love it.. :)

  • Prime Beauty says:

    >Great post! I now have to have Soft Pause and Shy Girl. I love the half naked & half color pics. And Karla you're right–Sammi does have the perfect lips! Too bad, I don't want to hate her.

  • Iron Maiden says:

    >Excellent post! You *made* me buy Soft Pause (on eBay)–I'd never have looked at it otherwise. Thanks!

  • Gen says:

    >Great post! Love the comparison pics. I don't have many MAC lipsticks but these past posts have me wanting too many now lo. Thanks again!!

  • roxkitty says:

    >Great post. Soft Pause is one of my favourites :)

  • LilySia says:

    >These swatches are amazing! Thank you so much!!!

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