Laura Mercier Scarlet Passion

Laura Mercier, Scarlet Passion, promoLaura Mercier’s fall collection is called Scarlet Passion, a sexy, lip-focused collection (for those of us not planning on going down the purple or black lips path). I actually think the seeds for Scarlet Passion were sown in last year’s Cherries Noir collection.

Scarlet Passion introduces two new shades (and repromotes one shade) of Lip Velvet, Laura’s liquid lipstick. Compared to Beaute’s Weightless Lip Cremes and Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laques, Lip Velvets feel perhaps a little creamier, slightly heavier. And liquid lipsticks are most definitely in for fall — Bobbi Brown has new Rich Color Gloss coming out, and Dior’s Creme de Gloss has been a fan favorite for a while now. Of Scarlet Passion’s three shades, Pink Royale and Scarlet Passion are both limited edition; repromote Cassis is here to stay. Lip Velvets are $22.

Scarlet Passion also introduces new lipstick formula Satin Lip Colour in four shades: Currant, Sangria, Duchess Rose, and Cherrywood. Satin Lip Color is a semi-matte, medium-to-full coverage, long-wear lipstick. It contains wild mango butter for hydration and “Softisan,” a lightweight elastic seal to help the color set. I have not yet tried one of these on my own lips, but I really want to hear from those of you who have. Satin Lip Colours are also $22.

Last but not least, this collection includes a repromote of Laura’s lip pencil in Redwood ($19).
Laura Mercier, Scarlet Passion, swatches, Satin Lip Color, Currant, Sangria, Duchess Rose, Cherrywood, Lip Velvet, Pink Royale, Scarlet Passion, Cassis, Redwood, liplinerThere are a few items for eye and face in this collection. First, a limited edition highlighting/contouring duo called Whisper. Whisper offers a pink highlighter and a somewhat peachy bronzer, pressed together in a standard blush pot. It seems like it would be a little tricky to rub most brushes in just one of these powders, without picking up some of the other… Perhaps, like Benefit’s 10, we were meant to use them simultaneously? Whisper is $24.

There are two new limited edition Luster eyeshadows ($22): peach-gold Gilded Gold and warm brown Bronze Copper. The collection also repromotes Laura’s famous “cake” liner (a pressed cake of dried powder, in which you muddle your dampened brush until you get a paste the consistency of shoe polish). Though you could use almost any brush with your cake liner, a flat, stiff, “tightlining” brush is the most commonly recommended tool — cake liners give very precise lines, and are most often used for tightlining. These eyeliners are $22 each.
Laura Mercier, Scarlet Passion, swatches, Whisper, Cheek Color Duo, eyeshadow, Gilded Gold, Bronze Copper, Black Ebony, Mahogany Brown, cake liner

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3 Responses to “Laura Mercier Scarlet Passion”

  • delete this says:

    >Hmm I wonder if Sangria would show up well on me – very intrigued!

  • Steelnpurple says:

    >Both the Gilded Gold eyeshadow and the Whisper duo really caught my attention! Me like!

  • Joey says:

    >Is it me or are these lipcolors too cool for the eye and cheek colors? I kind of like that Cassis lipcolor though…

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