MAC Dazzleglass Creme

I’ll admit, Dazzleglass Cremes had me confused. Based on the name, I was expecting creme finish glosses… the “Creme” refers to the level of coverage. Apparently sheerness is inherent to the definition of a Dazzleglass, and these are much more pigmented. (Kind of like round 1 and round 2 of the Tri-colour Lipglasses). Dazzleglass Cremes are sparkly, but they’re also gritty. They come in the same packaging as the Dazzleglasses, have a brush wand, and they’re $18 each.MAC, Dazzleglass Creme, swatches, Soft Dazzle, Sublime Shine, My Favorite Pink, Perfectly Unordinary, Luscious Spark, Do It Up, Totally Fab, Amorous, Creme Allure

Soft Dazzle is a yellow pink with gold sparkles (high level sparkle).
Sublime Shine is an apricot, or soft coral with gold sparkles (high level sparkle).
My Favorite Pink is cool pink (like the Barbie Dreamhouse) with purple/blue sparkles (low level sparkle).
Perfectly Unordinary is slightly warmer/peachier, it reminds me of Beaute Girlina (low level sparkle).
Luscious Spark is bright coral with gold sparkles (mid level sparkle).
Do It Up is strong watermelon with silver sparkles (low level sparkle).
Totally Fab is red with pink sparkles (mid level sparkle).
Amorous is burgundy (red brown) with gold sparkles (high level sparkle).
Creme Allure is raspberry with raspberry sparkles (low level sparkle).
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5 Responses to “MAC Dazzleglass Creme”

  • The Mighty J says:

    >I just got Amorous in the mail this morning – ♥ it!

  • t :) says:

    >i don't like these, they're very very sticky and gooey in my opinion.

  • Marilyn M. Tycer says:

    >Thanks for the swatches! I am super excited about these Dazzleglass Cremes–I have one regular Dazzleglass and find it underwhelming because it just has glitter, no color. However, I love the Dazzleglass brush applicator, they're decently moisturizing, and I love their texture–so hopefully these Dazzleglass Cremes will be perfect for me.

  • Samantha's Mom says:

    >Thanks so much for these swatches. I love My Favorite Pink! Gorgeous cool pink that just might end up being my favorite! :)

  • labyorkie says:

    >I bought My Favorite Pink, Amorous and Perfectly Unordinary. Amorous has much better payoff than the other two.

    All three are very badly irritating my lips; my lips are burning. It's the same type of reaction I get when applying eyeshadow with mica-based glitter (large chunks) and some falls on my cheeks (I have rosacea).

    I would suggest anyone with sensitive skin think twice before buying these glosses.

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