MAC Lipstick Recap

For easy future reference, here is a roundup of all the MAC lipstick swatches together. This post will be joining the other links in the “Hot Topics” section, so you can pull them up in one click.

MAC lipsticks are $14.50 each, and vanilla scented. MAC also recycles all of its plastic and glass product packaging (the program is called Back to MAC), and you can exchange any 6 items for a brand new lipstick (or lipgloss, or eyeshadow, if you take them to a free-standing store in the U.S.). You can’t Back-to-MAC for a Viva Glam lipstick, because 100% of their purchase price is donated to charity.

Of the lipsticks below, Red Pepper, Charred Red, Fusion Pink, Sin, Full Fuchsia, Show Orchid, Smoked Purple, Violetta, Fleshpot, Peachstock, Neon Orange, and Full Chocolate are pro shades — but anyone can buy them by visiting a MAC Pro store, or by calling 1-800-387-6707 to order.

Click to read the original post for any of these finishes:
Amplified Creme (cream-finish, medium-to-full pigment)
Cremesheen (moisturizing, cream-finish, medium-to-full pigment)
Frost (frosty finish, medium pigment)
Glaze (somewhat glossy, sheer-to-medium pigment)
Lustre (glossy, sheer-to-medium pigment)
Matte (matte, full pigment)
Pro Longwear Lipcreme (satin-shine, medium-to-full pigment depending on skintone, long-wear)
Satin (long-wear, semi-matte, medium-to-full pigment)
Sheen Supreme (glossy finish, medium coverage, moisturizing lipsticks. There’s a second post with additional shades.)
Slimshines (“skinny tube,” sheer, moisturizing lipsticks — now discontinued)
Viva Glam (various finishes, all proceeds donated to charity. This post also contains more information about the amazing Viva Glam program.)
MAC, lipstick, Amplified Creme, Girl About Town, Show Orchid, Chatterbox, Full Fuchsia, Impassioned, Fusion Pink, Neon Orange, Morange, Vegas Volt, Dubonnet, swatchesMAC, lipstick, Amplified Creme, swatches, Up the Amp, Violetta, Cosmo, Fast Play, Brick-o-la, Craving, Dark Side, Blankety, Half N HalfMAC, Cremesheen, lipstick, swatches, Speed Dial, Speak Louder, Shy Girl, Ravishing, Crosswires, Lickable, Brave Red, Dare You, Creme Cup, On HoldMAC, Cremesheen, lipstick, swatches, Fanfare, Hot Gossip, Pary Line, Hang-Up, Creme d'Nude, Modesty, Creme in Your Coffee, Stay in Touch, Spice is NiceMAC, Frost, lipstick, swatches, Sandy B, Fabby, Ramblin' Rose, Meltdown, CB96, Strength, Lame, 3-D, Fresh MoroccanMAC, Frost, lipstick, swatches, Angel, Bombshell, Creme de la Femme, Chic, Sequin, High Strung, Plum Dandy, Fluid, Odyssey, New York AppleMAC, Frost, lipstick, swatches, Tanarama, Gel, Frenzy, Jist, Delish, Eden Rocks, Plastique, Coconutty, Bronze ShimmerMAC, Frost, lipstick, swatches, Chintz, Fetish, O, IconMAC, Glaze, lipstick, swatches, Frou, Gleam, Pervette, Hue, Shitaki, Shag, Hot TahitiMAC, lipstick, Lustre, swatches, Lustering, Ladybug, See Sheer, Charismatic, Plink!, Pretty Please, Politely Pink, Lovelorn, SyrupMAC, lipstick, Lustre, swatches, Sweetie, Plumful, Capricious, Sophisto, Fresh Brew, Freckletone, Jubilee, High Tea, MAC, lipstick, Lustre, swatches, Honeyflower, Touch, Hug Me, Midimauve, Polished Up, Sheer Plum, Spice It Up, DesireMAC, Matte, lipstick, swatches, So Chaud, Lady Danger, Chili, Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Red Pepper, Diva, Sin, Charred Red, Smoked PurpleMAC, Matte, lipstick, swatches, Please Me, Pink Plaid, Honeylove, Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy, Taupe, Full Chocolate, Deep LoveMAC, Pro Longwear Lipcreme, swatches, Sweet Ever After, Till Tomorrow, Extended Play, Made to Last, Overtime, Unlimited, Love Forever!, Perpetual Flame, Faithfully Yours, Goes and Goes, Prolong, Good to Go
MAC, Satin, lipstick, swatches, Snob, Pink Nouveau, MAC Red, Captive, Amorous, Del Rio, Mystic, Rebel, CyberMAC, Satin, lipstick, swatches, Brave, Faux, Spirit, Twig, Verve, Mocha, Retro, MediaMAC, Satin, lipstick, swatches, Myth, Siss, Cherish, Peachstock, Photo, Paramount, X-S, Film Noir, UnderworldMAC, Satin, lipstick, swatches, Myth, Fleshpot, Siss, Cherish, Peachstock
MAC, Sheen Supreme, swatches, Supremely Confident, Can't Get Enough, Bare Again, Impressive, Ultra Darling, Behave Yourself, Gotta Dash!, Full Speed, Insanely It, New Temptation, Quite the Thing!, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, Sheen Supreme, swatches, Gotta Dash!, Full Speed, Insanely It, New Temptation, Quite the Thing!, Look at Her!, Can't Resist, Good to Be Bad, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, Seasonally Supreme, Sheen Supreme, lipstick, swatches, Tea Ceremony, Sheer Mandarin, Blossom Culture, Korean Candy, Supreme Style, Fashion City, Happy Hibiscus, Royal Azalea, Asian Flower, Insanely It, Bare Again, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
MAC, Slimshine, swatches, Bare, Assertive, Think Tan, Missy, Gaily, Long Stem Rose, Rock Out, Urgent!, Scant, Funshine
MAC, Slimshine, swatches, Intimidate, Ultra-Elegant, Ultra Elegant, Mousse, Voile, Prudeaux, Cocoamour, Most Wanted, Lovey-Dove, Lovey Dove, Gentle Simmer, Pleasing
MAC, lipstick, Viva Glam, swatches

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    Will you be doing mac blushes soon?
    I hope so :D xoxo

  • JustMe says:

    >Could u do swatches of NYX Round Lipsticks? I love ur swatches and would love to see them from u.
    Kisses from Germany <3

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hi, JustMe, and welcome! From Germany? Cooool!

    Unfortunately it's not possible for me to swatch the NYX Round lipsticks at this time. I make all my swatches using store testers, and there are no store testers for drugstore makeup.

    I'm so sorry to disappoint you; I hope it becomes possible at some point in the future.

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    Thank you soooo much for the swatches!!! You are a life saver!! I will use this every time I’m about to make a purchase online. BTW, how much do the mac pro lipsticks go for?

  • evelyn says:

    I ran into your blog some how and I want to thank you soooo much for the swatches!!! You are a life saver!! I will use this every time I’m about to make a purchase online. BTW, how much do the mac pro lipsticks go for?

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    Thank you so much for the swatches. You are amazing and I love your website!

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    This was so helpful, thanks heaps!

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    Hey Karla, I was wondering if you could tell me about the coverage of the sheen supreme lipsticks? I was thinking about buying a couple, and wasn’t sure if they would be able to cover my naturally pigmented lips.

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    Wow! Thank you SO MUCH for these swatches! This post is my GO TO for MAC lippie reference. These swatches are the best! Thanks again, and again, and again!

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    The colors are off. Very off.

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    Thank you soo much! :*

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    AMAZING! Best, most comprehensive nac lipstick swatch.. EVER

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    Three years after you made this post you’re helping me do my online shopping LOL Thanks for the kick-ass swatches! Have never seen anybody else do such a complete round-up :-)

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