MAC Nail Trend

There’s no question that nail polish, once the “letter Y” of the beauty industry, has taken its place at the makeup table. I remember reading this this article in the New York Times last year about the role of nail polish in New York Fashion Week — and just in time for Fashion Week this year, MAC has released a collection of six nail polishes (in collaboration with celebrity nail guru Jin Soon Choi).

These are $12 each, all creams (probably my favorite finish for nail polish). I was personally drawn to Rich, Dark, Delicious, and the classic Dance All Night. And I keep wanting to call Beyond Jealous “Photorealism” (is it just me??).
MAC, Nail Trend, Jin Soon Choi, Cool Reserve, Rich, Dark, Delicious, Dance All Night, Beyond Jealous, Dry Martini, For Fun

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8 Responses to “MAC Nail Trend”

  • Tiffany says:

    >It might be too pale to be noticeable on me, but I can't stop looking at Cool Reserve.

    I wonder how Beyond Jealous compares to Sephora by OPI Dark Room?

  • Elvira says:

    >I wish the quality of MAC n/p were better b/c I might get "For Fun", but I think I'll skip it. I must say that Dry Martini looks exactly like baby poop. Way to go MAC!…not

  • Euridice says:

    >I got mine last night, and they are awesome!! Dry Martini: Definitely not poop, lol! It's an awesome olive-y brown.

  • abigail says:

    >love love love cool reserve! beyond jealous is gorgeous as well!

    but 12,00 (probably 14,00 here in Canada) is a bit too much for me… i think i'll just check them out but not purchase any though…


  • glimmeringmetal says:

    >thanks for these swatches!

  • S. Vanessa Hailey says:

    >At first I thought you swatched them on your arm directly. Thought to myself ok this woman has gone swatching mad!

    Thanks for the pic :)

  • kezz_17 says:

    >cool reserve reminds me of opi's done out in deco? is it similar in real life?

  • Monica says:

    >Those look nice for Fall. Loving Rich, Dark, Declicious & Beyond Jealous. Hope all is well haven't heard from you in awhile:)

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