MAC Style Black

A testament to the power of marketing (or proof that I’m incredibly susceptible):
“Karla, would you ever wear black lipstick?”
No way.
“So what do you think of Style Black?”

MAC’s uber-trendy (uber-runway, in my opinion) Style Black collection officially releases tomorrow, but items appeared for sale online yesterday. Style Black is the logical extreme of the annual fall “vamp” trend… But the collection is diverse enough to offer something for folks who just want to tip their toes in (literally).

Starting at the brave end of the spectrum, there are two black lipsticks, Black Knight, which is a Cremesheen, and as shiny as an oil slick, and Midnight Media, which is a Mattene. I think part of the reason I started pondering wearing these lipsticks myself (and questioning my sanity) was that the texture felt really nice. I also did both single and layered swatches of these, because I thought you’d need to know the range of opacity with something like black lipstick. There is a second Mattene: the previously released (Mattene, Oct ’07) Night Violet. All lipsticks are $14.

Then there are three lipglosses, a new formula called Glimmerglass. These are $18 each. Bling Black is a very sheer grey with olive gold sparkles — I imagine it’s the sort of thing you layer on top of another lipstick to tone it down and make it more “fall,” — kind of like Lancome’s Piha Black gloss or Lipstick Queen’s Black Tie Optional. Blackfire is purple-black with purple sparkles. Blackware is a creme black gloss, and more pigmented than the other two.

Style Black also includes the first highly anticipated Greasepaint Stick (we’ll see two more in DSquared²). Greasepaint Sticks are like oil pastels: really soft, almost greasy (in a good way). With a name like Intense Black, I thought this one would be intense black, but it’s like goth-in-a-tube. It’s deep blackened purple with purple sparkles.

Though Greasepaint Sticks set enough to be a little difficult to remove, they don’t ever set completely. They’re good for that smudgy, messy, sexy, slept-in, runway look, but they’re not crease-proof or long-wear. (They are, apparently smudge- and water-resistant.) You could pat mineralize shadows on top of these for a vivid wash of color. Greasepaint Sticks are $17.50 each.
MAC, Style Black, swatches, Black Knight, Midnight Media, Night Violet, Glimmerglass, Bling Black, Blackfire, Blackware, Greasepaint Stick, Intense BlackThere are four mineralize eyeshadows in Style Black: Cinderfella (black base with silver sparkles… which I somehow feel could carry me into holiday), Young Punk (black base with red-purple sparkles), Gilt By Association (blackened bronze, and more pigmented than the others), and Blue Flame (which has almost no base at all… it’s just blue sparkles). These are $19.50 each.

There are also two Cream Colour Bases ($16.50, Black and Bat Black — forgive my moment of dyslexia when labeling the photo). Cream Colour Bases are eyeshadow bases, but they don’t set to dry. You might use them on top of concealer or paint pots, and they’re good bases for loose shadow or pigment — to make those colors more vivid or intense.

I also swatched the collections three nail polishes ($12): Nocturnelle (cream black, and permanent), Seriously Hip (dark, sparkly olive), and Baby Goth Girl (dark, sparkly purple).
MAC, Style Black, swatches, MES, mineralize eyeshadow, Cinderfella, Young Punk, Gilt By Association, Blue Flame, Cream Colour Base, CCB, Black, Bat Black, Nocturnelle, Seriously Hip, Baby Goth GirlAnd finally, the collection includes the rerelease of the Penultimate Liner, Rapidblack ($16.50) and permanent eye kohl Smolder ($14. While Smolder is totally black on someone of my skintone, it can turn greenish on darker skintones… medium-toned Indians, for example. If your skintone is darker and you want a really black kohl, wait for Feline, which will be rereleased in DSquared² or check out Stila’s kohl. Or the Prestige Intensity liner in black). The 214 brush is being rereleased ($23) along with the widely beloved Volcanic Ash Exfoliator ($19.50, now in a tube!) and Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask ($19.50). The Volcanic products do contain sulfur, in case you’re sensitive to it (I am).
MAC, Style Black, swatches, Rapidblack, PenultimateMAC, Style Black, 214, short shader, smudge brush

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9 Responses to “MAC Style Black”

  • Samantha says:

    >Wow, I didn't think anything in this collection would tempt me, but the color of Night Violet is absolutely gorgeous. Any rec's for a lipgloss in this color (sheer or more opaque is fine)?
    And I am resisting the urge to buy Seriously Hip nailpolish….

  • S. Vanessa Hailey says:

    >Not feeling this collection at all but thank you for the swatches!

  • Thepunkcat says:

    >How beautiful are the mineralize eyeshadows!? I think I want everythig from this collection. Thank you so much for the swatches, Karla :)

  • dubi says:

    >I love the look of this collection, but the items I'm interested in don't look as if they'd be crease proof so I won't bother.

    I think I have enough black and dark shadows in my collection to dupe most of this.

    thanks, great swatches

  • vesperbeauty says:

    >"With a name like Intense Black, I thought this one would be intense black"

    Bahahaha! I am loving Style Black too, despite my almost total non-gothness. It's just so cool … sigh.

  • Beck says:

    >I'm about as preppy/non-goth as they get… and I want the Baby Goth Girl nail polish. :)

  • Houston Living says:

    >I feel like I'm weird or something, but this collection just didn't do much for me. I think I tend to always lean toward the lighter neutrals and this is just too extreme. But, I do see how others could pull it off.

  • seventh_moon says:

    >i wanted to love this collex. i was so excited for it! but the VAE with new silica totally irritatese my skin and i returned it. the mask is cool, but it doesnt really do anything some drugstore mask wouldnt do. the mineral e/s are weak! so sheer. CCB's suck because they never set,Chanel and China Glaze already came out with a deep olive np and the purple one looks loikke black,and the black cream np…WnW has one for $1 already. the brush i already have,the liner is whatever,and the lippies were meh. and then the greasepaint stick isnt even BLACK?!? UGH! come the heck on MAC!! i expected better.

  • Romina says:

    Hi Karla!!!

    I have a single question. I know this collection is way too ald, but i would like to know if u have idea of any page that stills sells the eyeshadows, coz i’ve been looking for cinderfella for long and i cant seem to find it.
    I regreat i didnt buy it when it came out, i bought all the rest, but that one.
    do know any page or seller who has it and can ship to Argentina, pls let me know.
    I always read ur blog, and to tell u the truth cant live without it. Helps me a lot at time to chose my make up.
    Big kisses to you.


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