Tips from a Makeup Artist: Swatching Nail Polish

Today’s tip from a makeup artist is one you’ve seen me using a lot lately.

In January of this year I wrote an FAQ, in which I said I had no plans to swatch nail polish. Part of that decision was that I couldn’t see polish factoring into my swatching schedule. I didn’t think makeup counters would let me paint my nails with their testers, and I couldn’t picture myself carrying around a bottle of acetone.

But a genius makeup artist at the Lancome store in Dallas opened my eyes to a new world of possibility. I was swatching Lancome’s Declaring Indigo collection, prepared to skip the polishes as I usually do — and she said, “hold on, let me get you some tape.”

By putting a piece of scotch tape over your nail, and painting onto that, you can see what a polish looks like on you, without ruining your current manicure (or ending up with rainbow fingers, or accidentally smudging nail polish onto your purse because you forgot your fingernails were wet). Of course, you know me: I like to see everything on my arm.

Anyway, I thought this was a pretty brilliant shopping tip — and it gave me a way to expand my swatching repertoire. (Thanks, Lancome!)

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4 Responses to “Tips from a Makeup Artist: Swatching Nail Polish”

  • Euridice says:

    >Oh, wow, this is the best post I've ever read. lol! I was looking at your faq to see how you were swatching the nail polish so I am glad you followed up with this tip. I would love to have a way to keep swatches of polish to refer to and compare, and this is a great tip. The tape you use seems wider than your usual scotch tape???

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Maybe I have very wide Scotch tape… I think they're all Scotch, except the recent NARS polishes were on packaging tape (don't ask). :)

  • Aziajs says:

    >Awesome tip!

  • LaDonna says:

    >Cool! That IS a great tip.

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