Bobbi Brown Chrome Collection

Holiday through Bobbi Brown’s eyes sure is pretty (and the model shot is one of my favorites in a long time). But when I first saw Bobbi’s holiday preview book, the two items that first caught my eye were the Earth Metal Palette and the Chrome Palette.

Bobbi Brown, Holiday, Chrome, displayThis year’s holiday collection is on a Chrome theme, and as a result, I’ve kind of mentally divided the items into “Chrome items” and “other stuff.” Glitter lip palette, basics eye palette, tube tint trio — that’s “other stuff.” But the Chrome items are this palette, three Chrome eyeshadows (a new formula!), three lipsticks, a brush set — and I’ve heard a rumor of some mini Shimmerbricks for sale only at Neiman Marcus? More on that as I learn more.

Bobbi Brown, Chrome, palette, productThe Chrome palette is beautiful, and, in my opinion, one of Bobbi’s best. It unfolds twice, just like the Earth Metal Palette did — keeping the shadows and the glosses separate, and revealing a hidden mirror. The whole palette is kind of a variation on sparkle. Classic for Bobbi, it’s also kind of a variation on shade (see Shimmering Nudes, Nude Eye Palette), but it’s nicely done and the texture and pigmentation are good.

White (eyeshadow) is just a soft, smooth white. Polar Ice (shimmerwash eyeshadow) is like gossamer. It’s very softly pigmented, faintly shimmery smoky purple. Storm (sparkle eyeshadow) is a pretty, glittery silver-violet. Iron (eyeshadow) is bluish-grey, impressively smooth and pigmented. Thunder (metallic eyeshadow) is a lovely shimmery grey. Moonlight (sparkle eyeshadow) is a glittery pink neutral. Cyber Grey (shimmerwash eyeshadow) is a lovely purpley taupe grey, but I did have to work to build it up to that level of pigment. Foil (metallic eyeshadow) also took a bit of work; it’s fainter, a bit more purple. Chrome (metallic eyeshadow). Is. Gorgeous. It’s this pewter-brown-silver and I completely love it. I wish it were sold as a single shade. Charcoal Haze (eyeshadow) is a grey brown — it could definitely be a bit more pigmented, but it’s a nice color. For certain skintones, I think this collection of shadows is going to be just amazing.

The lipglosses are all sparkly. Pink Mist (shimmer lipgloss) is pale pink. Winter Bronze (glitter lipgloss) is tan-caramel. Berry Shimmer (glitter lipgloss) is a sort of mauvey rose with silver sparkle. Chrome Pink (shimmer lipgloss) is peach.

The Chrome Palette is $75.
Bobbi Brown, Chrome palette, White, Polar Ice, Storm Cloud, Iron, Thunder, Moonlight, Cyber Grey, Foil, Chrome, Charcoal Haze, Pink Mist, Winter Bronze, Berry Shimmer, Chrome Pink, swatchesBobbi Brown, holiday, Chrome, displayThere are three Chrome eyeshadows. This is a new shadow formula for Bobbi, and it’s really smooth and pigmented — delightful to swatch, but obviously quite frosty. I LOVE Pewter. The color “pewter” is like warm steel. It’s silver (cool) which has been “dirtied” with a warm shade like gold or brown. The shadows are $22 each, and tragically limited edition.

There are also three limited edition holiday lipsticks: Chrome Metallic Lip Color (which looks silver in the promo pic, but swatches sheer grey with shimmer), Plum Pearl Metallic Lip Color (brown plum with sparkle), and Port Lip Color (sexy port red). The lipsticks are $22 each.
Bobbi Brown, Chrome, swatches, Gold, Silver, Pewter, Plum Pearl, PortThere’s one final Chrome component: a mini brush set in a dark silver bag.The set contains a mini face blender, a mini angle eyeshadow brush, and a mini liner (all short-handled) for $55.

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13 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Chrome Collection”

  • Shadowy Lady says:

    >thanks for the great swatches Karla. I really want Pewter and Silver Chrome e/s

  • honigmuffin says:

    >wow, perfect swatches, thanks so much. really want this palette.. pewter (what an excellent, pretty colour, i'm sooo in love!) and one of the nice fall-ish lipsticks as well. :)

  • LipGlossGossip says:

    >Great swatches! Thanks! :-)

  • gems4me says:

    >If you had to choose between Holiday Chrome and Earth & Metal which one would you choose for a taupe neutral eye? I do not live where I can see these in person.

  • Andromeda says:

    >Thanks for the swatches. This palette is definitely worth taking the trip to the Bobbi Brown counter, and while I'm at it I just might grab Pewter as well (beautiful color!). By the way, would you say Chrome (lipstick) is similar to Pink Mist?

    Marta Fernandes

  • JoElla says:

    >Gems4me, after seeing the swatches for the Chrome palette I am not sure. I really thought that the Chrome would be more plumy. It is very pretty and I will probably buy it, but for more of a taupe eye,perhaps the Earth & Metal or the Nude Eye Palette.

  • Joey says:


    Pewter Metallic e/s is available, Nordies exclusive! It comes with a Black Ink eyeliner and a mini brush and pouch for $40 =)

  • Joey says:

    >Wait no, clearly I fail at reading. You meant CHROME from the palette lol. Sigh. I fail. But there is a Pewter Metallic that's different from the Pewter Chrome =)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Oh Joey, you got my hopes up SO high.

    Out of curiosity, how does the regular Pewter compare to the Chrome version?

  • Kim says:

    >It's all lovely. Do you think that there is any similarity between the Chrome Pewter eyeshadow and Lancome's Erika F eyeshadow?

  • Jennifer says:

    >OMG i love the swatches!! the chrome palette will be on my wishlist as well :)


    feel free to check out my blog:

  • gems4me says:

    >There is not a BB counter anywhere near me so the swatches are such a big deal. I ordered both pallets they ook beautiful. I have never bought BB before so I am excited.

  • Joey says:

    >Lina has a post on her blog comparing the two Pewter shadows. She said the Pewter Metallic was warmer and had a better texture =)

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