Boy, Have I Got a Deal for You

When I hear about a particularly good sale, I’ve just got to pass it along. And damn, this is a good one.

If you were thinking of buying either Bobbi Brown’s holiday Chrome Mini Brush Set or Gold Stone Long-Wear Eye Palette, they’re both currently on Macy’s website for $22. I don’t think you’ll find a better deal than that. (Prices on Bobbi’s website are $55 for the brushes and $40 for the eye palette.) The magic of Macy’s indeed!

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9 Responses to “Boy, Have I Got a Deal for You”

  • Houston Living says:

    >You da bomb, girl. <3

  • Wolfy says:

    >That's weird. Can they also sell the other holiday eye palettes for that price too? I'll keep holding my breath.

  • em says:

    >bargain! ish they shipped to australia! :(

  • Sterre says:

    >Bargain, would love to buy, but they don't ship to europe and I don't have family in the US who can buy it and than ship it to mee :-(

  • Jeweled Thumb says:

    >They are both off the site now. =/

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Good thing I took screencaps. :)

  • fatbottmdgrl says:

    >Not available as of Wednesday AM. Must have found out you posted or MUA hit 'em hard…to bad.

  • Prime Beauty says:

    >I ordered one of each last night! They've already shipped!

  • Cheng says:

    >It was probably priced wrong. The brushes are now $55, and the eye palette is no longer there. I'm so glad I ordered right after I saw your post!

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