Look at those arms!

The “Show Me Your Arms” contest has ended, and I couldn’t have been more delighted with the entries. After much debate, I did finally choose a winner:

Sammim was initially a little self-conscious about posting a picture of her arm — the scars are left from a knife-attack in 2006, when a woman attacked her and her family (though Padma Lakshmi proves that scars are no barrier to being beautiful). I love her cat’s facial expression, and — is that? why yes it is: TNBTTGSY on her monitor in the background. Congratulations, Sammim!

All the entries were so fabulous, however, I decided I needed to recognize a few runners-up.

Sammi got creative, writing my URL backwards (skillz!) with her Styli-Style green liquid liner and then taking a picture in a mirror. I heard that she had a lot of difficulty getting it off afterwards, so (a) I appreciate the sacrifice, and (b) if you’re looking for a long-lasting drugstore liquid liner, this may be one to try.
Huai-Ann sent in what I thought was a very romantic entry. Those are eyeshadow pans in the background, but I thought they also looked like out of focus city lights. She also named all the colors she swatched (in case you fell in love with any of them). All in all a beautiful entry!

If you’re feeling inspired, stay tuned! We’ve got more contests coming up!

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One Response to “Look at those arms!”

  • ze German: Maria says:

    >awww im gutted i didnt win :( :(

    but congratulations to both anyways!!!


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