MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief! – the palettes

MAC, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, display, palettesWith holiday comes a plethora of palettes. This year’s offering includes the usual six-shade eye palettes with 213SE brush (warm, cool, smoky, and “other”) and lip trios (each including two lipsticks and a gloss, plus a 316SE brush), but also introduces a new “face” palette. More on these beauties in a minute.

MAC, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, display, palettes, close-upThe eye palettes are $36 each, and normally I’d be raving about the warm eyes and smoky palettes by now… but I found them both a little disappointing. They’re both a little chalky, particularly Sorcery and Devilishly Dark in Devil May Dare, and Black Magique in Smoke and Mirrors. It seems strange that a nearly defunct eyeshadow finish (Veluxe) would be so heavily represented in the holiday palettes.
MAC, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, swatches, Devil May Dare, Oh My Darling, Dare Ya!, Sorcery, Devilishly Dark, Prankster, Gold Tease, Smoke and Mirrors, Fire in Her Eyes, Wide-Eyed Wonder, Black Magique, Smoke and Mirrors, Deception, Spell No. 9But if I was losing my faith with the first two palettes, the second two restored me. I never thought I’d say it, but Mystic Cool Eyes is the best eye palette this year. It is so richly pigmented and soft and smooth. It reminded me of the Shu Uemura Mika palettes from last year. Cool Incantation is a fabulous white-gold, sort of like Solar White. Blue Enchantment is a fabulous turquoise and Deep Secret is an amazing, rich reflective sapphire.
MAC, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, swatches, Sorceress, White Rabbit, Hold My Gaze, Edge of Dark, Altered State, Hypnotizing, Magnetized, Mystic, Cool Incantation, Blue Enchantment, Deep Secret, Violet Vow, Rose Potion, Shh Don't TellI think it’s worth noting where I disagree with MAC’s descriptions of their eyeshadow shades. They call Deception (Smoke and Mirrors) “golden brown” — I would have called it a rose-purple-gold duochrome. It’s a fascinating color. They call Wide-Eyed Wonder “grey taupe,” and I suppose that’s accurate, but I think “grey-purple” would have been a more accurate description. It is warmed, so we could call it purple taupe.

Okay, about those marvelous face palettes. Somehow the things I love most from the MAC collections are always the ones I didn’t see coming. These palettes offer three different powders for face; two in the top part of the compact, and the third in a slide-out drawer.
MAC, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, swatches, face kit, Peachykeen, Sunsparked Pearl, Pretty Baby, Fab-racadabra, Sunbasque, Buffed and Polished, GoldenHocus Focus Colourful Face Kit includes Peachykeen blush, Sunsparked Pearl beauty powder (highlight), and Pretty Baby beauty powder (all over face powder). As soon as I swatched Sunsparked Pearl, I mentally crossed Bobbi Brown’s Nude Shimmerbrick off my wishlist. Fab-racadabra Bronze Face Kit includes Sunbasque blush, Buffed and Polished iridescent pressed powder (highlight), and Golden bronzing powder. I love them both, but I have to have Hocus Focus. The face palettes are $38 each.

There are three lip palettes ($22.50 each): two “regular” and one Viva Glam. And (just like with all Viva Glam lipsticks and glosses) 100% of the Viva Glam palette’s purchase price goes to charity.
MAC, Magic, Mirth, Mischief, swatches, lip palettes, Heavenly Dish, Floating Lightly, Barely Visible, Possessed by Pink!, Tickled, Laugh a Lot, Sweet Smile, Viva Glam, VGV, VGVI

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5 Responses to “MAC Magic, Mirth, and Mischief! – the palettes”

  • Tiffany says:

    >Hocus Focus is definitely on my Christmas wish list as well as the Sorceress Eye Palette. Mystic Cool also looks very pretty. Thanks as always for the swatches!

  • Baby says:

    >Thanks for the review! I'm so excited about this collection, but i have to wait to see it here in Spain… what do you think about sorceress palette? i'm in love with "altered state" shade (at least in pictures) and i think that "hold my gaze" can be a unique color.
    Sorry about my english ^^

  • labyorkie says:

    >I really like the Sorceress Eye Palette but, it reminds me too much of the Night Butterfly Dior 5-Colour Shadow Palette. Had I known Sorceress would have (eventually) been available from MAC, I would have skipped Night Butterfly. Even though I love the Magnetized shadow, I can't justify me spending to get this pretty MAC palette.
    I like the Mystic Cool Palette except for Rose Potion; from the swatch, it looks like a MAC afterthought – it just doesn't seem to go with the other shadows.

  • Houston Living says:

    >Thank you so much for the great review! I was having a rough time deciding what, if anything, to get from this collection. You just helped me make up my mind! <3

  • Laura says:

    >Thanks for all your swatches!

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