MAC Pigments, Part 5

Today is the last day to enter the Bobbi Brown foundation brush giveaway!

Around the time I was last swatching MAC pigments (loose eyeshadow beloved for their complex colors and/or intensity of pigment), I got a letter from the beautiful, talented, and very gracious Jellyminx of Jellyminx Thinks, saying she had a few pigments I hadn’t swatched yet, and would be willing to donate samples to the swatching cause.

I am always thrilled to improve TNBTTGSY as a reference guide; I’m also going to start collecting the MAC pigments into one post for easy reference.
MAC pigments are $19.50 each, but there are lots of websites that sell samples (including limited edition shades that would otherwise be more difficult to find).
MAC, pigment, swatches, Lark About, Bell Bottom Blue, Cornflower, Your Ladyship, VanillaLark About (a limited edition shade from Naughty Nauticals, May 2008) is a sparkly ice-queen blue-purple.
Bell Bottom Blue (also limited edition from Naughty Nauticals) is a sheeny, sparkly, denim blue.
Cornflower (permanent) is the very definition of “cornflower:” soft (sparkly) purple-blue (blue that reflects purple?).
Your Ladyship (limited edition, Antiquitease, October 2007) and Vanilla (permanent) are both white with a gold base, but Your Ladyship is a hair more pink, which makes Vanilla look slightly bluer in comparison. Vanilla also has more sparkle and slightly larger sparkles than Your Ladyship.
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