MAC Pigments, Part 6

Today’s post was made possible by Jellyminx, of Jellyminx Thinks, who very kindly donated some of her personal pigment collection to the MAC pigment swatch catalogue.

Many of the pigments we’ve admired so far have been sparkly or shimmery, but you do find the occasional matte pigment. Usually those are pro shades (with textbook-definition “color” names), but you do find the occasional general collection matte pigment. Smoke Signal was one of these, and now that I swatch it, it kind of reminds me of 100 Strokes from Blonde, Brunette, Redhead.
MAC pigments are $19.50 each.

MAC, pigment, swatches, Spiritualize, Golden Lemon, Revved Up, Rushmetal, Smoke Signal, Blue-Brown, Lark AboutSpiritualize (limited edition from Metal Urge, November 2008) is a very green silvered-green with iridescent sparkles.

Golden Lemon (a permanent shade) is a somewhat glittery, slightly greened (lemon) yellow with mostly yellow iridescent sparkles.
Revved Up (limited edition from Rushmetal, August 2007) is a sparkly pink red.
Rushmetal (limited edition from the eponymous Rushmetal collection in August 2007) is sparkly orange.
Smoke Signal (limited edition from Smoke Signals in August 2007) is a matte burgundy brown.
Blue-Brown (a permanent shade, though it was formerly pro-only) is just what it promises: red-brown that reflects aqua blue.
Lark About (a limited edition shade from Naughty Nauticals, May 2008) is a sparkly ice-queen blue-purple.
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One Response to “MAC Pigments, Part 6”

  • jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) says:

    >blue-brown gets my vote! so beautiful. I really love that colour. there are some close shades of that in other brands though. :)

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