MAC Pigments, Part 7

Today’s post was made possible by Jellyminx, of Jellyminx Thinks, who very kindly donated some of her personal pigment collection to the archives of swatching.

These are the last of the pigments I have for you now. Next week (hopefully) we’ll launch back into the holiday collections — is predicting clear skies all weekend.
And I have a question for the pigment lovers: what’s your favorite base to use under pigments?
MAC, pigment, swatches, Your Ladyship, Naked, Helium, Kitschmas, Lovely Lily, Quietly, Viz-a-VioletYour Ladyship (limited edition, Antiquitease, October 2007) is beige-white with multicolored iridescent sparkles.

Naked (a permanent shade) is pink-toned, an almost-skin-tone pink-beige with light sparkle. Compared to Your Ladyship, it’s more pink, with fewer sparkles.

Helium (limited edition from Balloonacy, April 2007, and repromoted in Curiositease in November of the same year) is a somewhat chunky glittery peony, lilacky pink.
Kitschmas (released in several different collections and finally made permanent) is similar to Helium, but it’s more silver-blue/purple. It reflects blue. I don’t think you can really see that in this picture, so you’ll have to trust me.
Lovely Lily (originally released in Lingerie, December 2005, rereleased in Naughty Nauticals, May 2008) is a gently frosty lilac.
Quietly (originally released in 2007, in Asia-only collection Lightful, released as part of Little Darlings pigment vials Christmas of last year) is deeper and more sparkly than Lovely Lily.
Viz-a-Violet (Balloonacy, April 2007) is sheeny, if that makes sense. Slightly deeper than Lovely Lily, not quiet as dark as Quietly.
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