Zoya Hot Lips Gloss

The Bobbi Brown foundation brush giveaway ends next week on Wednesday, so if you were waiting for the weekend to take your picture(s), don’t wait much longer!

Zoya is best known as a nail polish brand, but they also produce a lipgloss called Hot Lips. These come in cute, chubby little squeeze tubes with rounded tips. They’re $6 each, sticky, and have a cherry scent — in many ways very similar to Lancome’s Juicy Tubes for a third of the price.

They come in 50 colors (I have only 8 rather sparkly shades to show you), and I’m already planning to make stocking stuffers out of them. The easiest way to buy Zoya (that I know of) is on their website, but I’ve heard there are some mystical salons that carry the line.

Zoya, Hot Lips, lipgloss, swatches, Luvie, Blog, Paparazzi, Heiress, Wink, Resolution, Prowl, DestinyLuvie is a cool pink with silver sparkles. Blog is coral with gold sparkles (my favorite, of course. I secretly believe it was made for me). Paparazzi is beige-pink with gold sparkles. Heiress is brown pink with pink sparkles. Wink is a russety pink with gold and pink sparkles. Resolution is strawberry with blue and multicolored gold sparkles. Prowl is purple with tiny silver sparkles. Destiny is caramel with blue sparkles.

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9 Responses to “Zoya Hot Lips Gloss”

  • Magic Ding says:

    >Wuu,love the paparazzi one. Not sure if I can get this in UK. :(
    Thank you so much for the swatch. Love love love XXX

  • Prime Beauty says:

    >I love 'em! Okay if blog was made for you, then paparazzi was made for me–not cuz of the name, the shade of course. Yeah, great stocking stuffers! Hmm, now what for the boys? Oh well, who caes?

  • Louise says:

    >They are nice don't think we can get Zoya in the UK now

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hey UK friends! Zoya CS says you can shop at Nail Care Club or http://www.zoyapolish.co.uk

  • Karin says:

    >Thank you Karla, you're the best!

  • Angela says:

    >i LOVE zoya
    they always have lip gloss come out with each of their nail collections, and i think zoya deserves better than OPI..


  • petitderriere says:

    >you've been tagged as one of my fav bloggers! =)
    check out my blog for details of the tag game!

  • Jaime Leah says:

    >These are gorgeous and going on my wishlist.

  • Kelsey says:

    >I just ordered blog and heiress

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