Ashley Greene 60s Makeup Breakdown

Hey readers,

I stumbled across this breakdown of makeup artist Vanessa Scali’s look for Ashley Greene (at the LA premiere of New Moon), and I thought it was unusual for actually listing all the products used from every brand. I also love how perfectly 60s it is, and I wanted to keep it handy in case I get inspired for date night with Mr. Salt*.

Artist: Vanessa Scali
Actress: Ashley Greene
Event: New Moon premiere in Los Angeles.

Vanessa says: “The look was classic 60s: Well-defined eyes with lots of lashes, a strong brow and clean skin with subtle pink/coral cheeks and lips.”

Lancome Effacernes concealer in Light Bisque under the eyes
Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (shade unknown)
Lancome Blush Subtil in Shimmer Pink Pool on the apples of the cheeks

YSL Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant Cream Shadow in Pink Sands over the entire lid
Lancome Artliner in Black to define and elongate the lash line
Shu Uemura Painting Liner in White on the inner rims.
Lancome Oscillation Mascara in Black

I think she’s wearing false eyelashes, too (agree? disagree?), but I don’t know which ones.

Lancome Le Crayon Poudre in Brunet

Lancome Chris & Tell (this is the limited edition Pout-a-Porter shade created for designer Chris Benz’s spring show. This lipstick goes on sale in February, and if you want to be on the waitlist, you’ll have to call Saks in NYC at 212-940-2033

* Who is Mr. Salt? Ages ago, I explained to my husband that in the language of the internet, his name would be Mr. Sugar. He didn’t like that — he said it was “too cute” — so I told him I’d call him Mr. Salt instead.

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10 Responses to “Ashley Greene 60s Makeup Breakdown”

  • Soni says:

    >OMG! I LOVE this look. I wish there was a closer view of her eyes. But yep, definitely falsies on those eyes.
    Thanks Karla!! You've done it again. =)

  • Monica says:

    >Gorgeous shade of lipstick! I believe she's wearing lashes:) I love breakdowns.

  • Aleksis says:

    >Oh no! I hope 'Chris and Tell' isn't only going to available at Saks! I have been wanting that lipstick for almost a year! Thanks for the breakdown Karla, she looks stunning!

  • Joey says:

    >Aleksis, it's also available at the Lancome boutiques – I've been on their waitlist for MONTHS lol

  • Babybubblz says:

    >She has to be wearing fake lashes! They are super long! I love her lip color.

    I hope they do more look breakdowns like this

    Mr sugar vs Mr salt. That's too cute!

  • Paula Rose says:

    >Loving the white lower lid lining!!!!

  • Proximity says:

    >If you copy the picture onto your computer, you can zoom in pretty far without it getting grainy.

    There are definitely false lashes on her upper lash line, but I'd never be able to guess which ones.

    I'm impressed by the white liner on her waterline! Way to hang in there. Go Shu!

  • Wendy says:

    >She looks amazing! Very old Hollywood Glam!

  • Jean says:

    Haha, everyone already said it but I’ll chip in too… Definitely falsies. I’ve just seen the process of application and the results afterward not to notice.

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