Democracy in Action

Several people wrote to me yesterday to say that — by email subscription or feed reader — they could no longer view full posts, only headlines.

Blogger gives me two publishing choices: full posts or headlines-only. Since I’m trying to start sometimes posting more than once a day, that means some very long emails for those receiving TNBTTGSY in their inboxes.

I don’t want to annoy anybody. And I don’t want to make anybody unhappy. So I’m going to put this to a vote, simple majority wins.

Would you rather have the full text or the headlines?

Please leave your answer in a comment — or, if you are unable to comment, send me an email.

Thank you. :)

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62 Responses to “Democracy in Action”

  • Erica says:

    >full posts, pls!

  • Sprite says:

    >full text

  • SlvrGrndM99 says:

    >Full posts, Please. It's much easier since I use Google Reader. I'm so glad people brought this up. :o )

  • rxrz says:

    >Full post please!

  • Sarah says:

    >+1 to full posts.
    I sub to a lot of blogs on GReader and I find myself rarely ever reading the headline only blog posts, too much effort!

  • Mellerson says:

    >Full posts FTW!

  • Mitsu says:

    >I prefer full posts, but I check the site daily, I hate cluttering up my inbox

  • Lynn says:

    >full posts your blog!

  • Laura Elaine says:

    >Full posts please!!! We need the pretty pictures!

  • ctee80 says:

    >i vote for full posts too!

  • Nelma Toledo says:

    >Full posts, please.

  • Monique R. says:

    >Full posts please!

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